Friday, June 26, 2009

Obamacare - Why It Is A Bad Idea

"We all agree the health care system is in need of reform. That's not the issue. The debate is really what kind of reform is needed. There are those rooting for nationalizing health care - Obama Care. What's that you ask? Obama's idea of reform is a government takeover of the health care system. One of the most popular forms of government takeover is the "Massachusetts Model." Those of us opposing "reform" that involves yet more government interference, wish to see a system that incorporates more consumer choice and more competition. Take a minute to watch this new video outlining just one of the many reasons the Massachusetts model has failed."

More consumer choice brings the cost down - not government subsidization.
Consider this comment:
"Obama-care would put private insurance out of business because its cheaper, not because its better. Obama-care would be cheaper because its subsidized with taxpayer money and unlike a private company would not be required to make a profit. Cheaper does not mean better."
Face it - we have seen what happens in other countries already with government healthcare options: Single-payer = poor doctors, poor service, and long waits .

My own doctor already said that if Obamacare gets passed there will be tons of doctors who will retire... and the really sad part is that not many new doctors are coming into the field. We already have an incredible nursing and physician shortage.

Rationed care has killed people.
When the government decides/standardizes the procedures you can have, and places limits on your care, that spells major trouble. Consider why it is that many people cross our borders to purchase healthcare here - it's because they cannot get adequate care through their government system.

Furthermore, if an employer is given the choice between giving their employees private health insurance or shuffling them off to some public option that will be subsidized and offered cheaper (because they don't have to pay doctors and hospital full freight or can just dole out money from the public purse) guess what they will choose? Guess what employees will choose? This will no doubt put some private health providers out of business and lessen the field of competition even more. Mind you, the public option is going to be crappy care. If you believe otherwise then you are really fooling yourself. Been to a VA hospital lately? (Even White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs couldn't name a place where public options works well). We've seen this in Britain already. I know people in Britain who pay exorbitant tax for National Health Care and they still buy private care on top of it because the public option sucks so bad.

Additionally - we haven't done such a wonderful job with Medicare or Medicaid - both systems are poised for bankruptcy and do not pay doctors and hospitals nearly enough to even cover their expenses. If we cannot, as a country, manage Medicare and Medicaid properly then what makes anyone think that full blown Universal healthcare is going to fly?

Yes, we need healthcare reform - but Obamacare isn't the answer we seek.
Not by a long shot.
As they say, "If you think healthcare is expensive now - wait till it's free".

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