Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peter Schiff On Jon Stewart

Peter Schiff completely understands what is happening. Apparently, so does Jon Stewart.... and perhaps many more of the Liberals in his audience who actually bought the lie of Obama's "Hope and Change" are starting to wake up (based on the applause).

Obama and Bernanke are doing what Bush and Greenspan did, but worse. The message is not the Keynesian way of spend and consume, but the Austrian way of produce and accumulate wealth.

Please Peter, Please run against Dodd.....
and if the Republicans in CT had any brains they would do everything to put Peter Schiff on the Republican ticket instead of the recycled party hack Rob Simmons.


gary said...

That video is no longer available. Too bad, sounded interesting.

Anonymous said...

I was able to watch it.


Kim said...

He sounds great. If only the higher ups in the Republican party would do more for economic freedom than being Democrat-lite. I really love that Schiff also supports the gold standard.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

Find the video here for the next 30 days:

Unfortunately yo u have to sit through a commercial first.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, there are a couple of great articles recently written about another exciting candidate, 4th district congressional candidate Will Gregory. Check them out - they are both very informative, and provide a good glimpse into the policy and stances of this fresh young candidate:,0,285336.story

We need people like Gregory and Schiff to revitalize the Republican party in CT. and help restore our economy. We all know that we cannot continue to let men like Jim Himes and Chris Dodd stay on Capitol Hill and continue to ruin our economy.