Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In Memoriam - Remembering Homeschool Advocate Ned Vare

In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we inform homeschool supporters everywhere, that a great friend and homeschool freedom champion, Ned Vare, has died. Ned was a fearless fighter for educational freedom.

Deborah Stevenson of NHELD writes:
I first met him in 1990 when he was in the forefront of the effort to defeat government regulation of homeschooling in Connecticut. He was wise to all the background, history, and rationale behind public schooling and homeschooling. Over the years, he not only educated me on the ways of the educational world, but educated untold others. He and his soulmate, Luz Shosie, met in 1973 at Ned’s ranch in Silt, Colorado. Together they raised their son, Cassidy, without schooling, with what is not called UNschooling. In essence, they wisely guided Cassidy in educating himself, an experiment, they say, that surpassed all of their expectations. Ned and Luz were inspired by the writings of John Holt, and together, they started a support group for unschoolers and operated the Unschoolers Unlimited Newsletter for many years. More recently Ned penned a blog entitled, “School Is Hell”. Ned could always be seen supporting the right to educate in freedom at every gathering across the state, from his hometown in Guilford to Hartford and beyond. Ned was never afraid to confront any government official whom he believed was acting in any way to deny parents their rights. Ned was tireless in his ability to engage legislators in quiet, polite, but persistent conversation educating them as to the rights of parents and why they should support educational freedom. Ned was extremely successful at this endeavor and was instrumental in persuading many key legislators to support the rights of parents in Connecticut. We are also fortunate that Ned, with Luz, wrote his thoughts about educational freedom in a book that I proudly keep in a most prominent place in my home. It’s called “Smarting Us Up, the Un Dumbing of America”. Ned was a true inspiration, who had a keen wit, a most engaging personality, and always the nicest smile. I was proud to call Ned my friend, and he will be sorely missed. A memorial service is planned for him at a date to be announced in the fall.

- Deborah Stevenson – Exec. Dir., National Home Education Legal Defense

Here is another tribute to Ned Vare from the CT Libertarians

I will miss Ned - he, along with Luz Shosie, made a big impact on me and my family over the years. He was a homeschool champion and an inspiration.

Rest in Peace my friend.....


Wayne S. Walker said...

While we have been homeschooling for over twelve years now and I have tried to keep up with who's who in the homeschooling community, I had never heard of Ned Vare until recently when I began reading an older copy of Linda Dobson's book of homeschooling answers and Mr. Vare was one of the answer givers. So far everything that I have read from him has been very encouraging. I am truly sorry to hear about his passing.

christinemm said...

This is not the post I expected to see when I inputted your URL to see what was on your mind today.

Thank you for sharing this sad news. Right after I opened my email and got your email about it too.

This is sad news.

Anonymous said...

Ned Vare and his wife Luz were inspirational to those exploring the concept of home education. I met Ned over 15 years ago and will never forget the passion that he had when speaking about the joys of home schooling and parenting. I thank he and Luz for fighting tirelessly for our parental rights. May he rest in peace. Luz please know that my family and I pray for you and Cassidy as you grieve this great loss in your life.
Liz DePalma

Stormy said...

I came to know Ned through efforts we shared in the CT Libertarian Party. He and his wife Luz hosted meetings in the friendly and comfortable environment of their home. I will always remember Ned's energy, broad smile and warmth. I shared and enjoyed discussions with him about liberty as well as the benefits of Homeschooling. Through Ned's encouragement and guidance I chose to home school my son. I had only wished I had known him much earlier to make this choice sooner. He was always there to assist me with my efforts to home school my son. As well, he gave me a great deal of support when I ran for public office.

Ned gave tirelessly and effortlessly in every way. He came to be a dear friend to me and he will be missed a great deal.

Luz, my heart goes out to you and you are in my thoughts.

Linda R.
-friend and former LP member