Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Truth Rising - Unleash The Moneybomb !

Connecticut deserves better than Chris Dodd! He was getting VIP mortgage deals when everyone else was getting higher rates... then he lied about knowing about it.
Dodd lied about the AIG executive bonuses too.
CT should be Done with Dodd!

The video above shows all the reasoning you will need to support Peter Schiff for Senate in 2010.
Peter Schiff has been right all along.
Peter Schiff understands monetary policy - something people in Congress (and especially Chris Dodd) are woefully lacking at this crucial difficult financial time.
Peter Schiff understands and supports the Constitution - something people in Congress (and especially Chris Dodd) has been ignoring.

On August 7th let's unleash the Moneybomb!

Help us raise 1 million dollars in one day for Peter Schiff's Senate campaign!