Monday, August 3, 2009

Could This Be Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate?


And from Orly Taitz's website - Check it out !

This could be the real thing. Dr. Taitz is looking for the courts to authenticate it. No doctor is listed. It lists the hospital of birth as Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. The alleged certificate bears the signature of the deputy registrar of Coast Province, Joshua Simon Couya. It was allegedly issued as a certified copy of the original in February 1964. An issuance of the birth certificate at that time makes some sense since Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, would have needed to submit this document to the Court before her divorce from Obama's father was granted on March 20, 1964. She filed for divorce Jan 20, 1964. The timeline fits.

Orly Taitz says that the document came from an anonymous source who doesn't want his name known because "he's afraid for his life."

Taitz's filed a motion days ago in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, requesting the purported evidence of Obama's birth – both the alleged birth certificate and foreign records not yet obtained – be preserved from destruction, asks for permission to legally request documents from Kenya and seeks a subpoena for deposition from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"I filed the motion with the court asking for expedited discovery, which would allow me to start subpoenas and depositions even before Obama and the government responds," Taitz told WND. "I am asking the judge to give me the power to subpoena the documents from the Kenyan embassy and to require a deposition from Hillary Clinton so they will be forced to authenticate [the birth certificate].

"I'm forcing the issue, where Obama will have to respond," she said.

"Before, they said, 'You don't have anything backing your claims,'" Taitz explained. "Now I have something. In fact, I have posted on the Internet more than Obama has. My birth certificate actually has signatures."

Read more here and here

I wonder if Chris Matthews will be waving this around on his cable news show... LOL.

Also of interest is that Sun Yat Sen, born in China, also had a Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth. See it here. Perhaps Obama's mother filed for a COLB when she returned to Hawaii, and that is what likely triggered the birth announcements in the local Hawaiian papers (if those in fact are authentic announcements).

Happy Birthday (one day early) Mr. Obama - AKA Barry Soetero!
Show us you Hawaiian birth certificate Barry - I'll wager it looks like Sun Yat Sen's.

We may very well have a genuine Constitutional crisis on our hands...


Anonymous said...

-Kenya was a Dominion the date this certificate was allegedly issued and would not become a republic for 8 months.

-Mombasa belonged to Zanzibar when Obama was born, not Kenya.

-Obama's father's village would be nearer to Nairobi, not Mombasa.

-The number 47O44-- 47 is Obama's age when he became president, followed by the letter O (not a zero) followed by 44--he is the 44th president.

-EF Lavender is a laundry detergent.

Also worth noting, while anyone can get a Hawaiian birth certificate, it lists the original location of birth. For example, Judy, you could get one- but it would list your place of birth as Hartford, or wherever.

While the President's says...Oahu.

Judy Aron said...

EF Lavender could also be someone's real name... Paris Hilton is also a hotel.

I agree...
There are questions on the COLB that has been produced and there are questions about this document as well.

This Kenyan birth certificate has yet to be substantiated and authenticated. The authentication could potentially lead to the discovery of genuine documents regarding Mr. Obama’s background... which is clearly being held from the public.

If Sun Yat Sen - born in China can get a Hawaiian COLB so could Barack Obama born who knows where. All anyone wants to see is the original long form birth certificate that Obama refuses to disclose and his other school documents.

Where, oh where, is the transparency?

Anonymous said...

This birther movement is an embarrassment to the Republican party. Just stop already. He was born in the US. His mother is a US citizen. The Republican governor and Director of Health went on record regarding the birth. There are newspaper accounts. Please look in the mirror and begin whacking yourself in the head. Maybe that will knock some sense into you.

PS McCain was born in Panama and Palin could see Russia from her house.

Anonymous said...

This Birther movement is un-American.
Obama is our democratically elected president whether we like it or not.
Congress, the vetting process, the Hawaiian state government confirmed
he met the requirements required by our Constitution. If you don't like the president, make an effort to elect someone else. You are embarrassing the Republican party.

Shame on you.

Judy Aron said...

1. I don't represent the Republican party. I did NOT vote Republican in the presidential elections!

2. "birthers" are merely people seeking proof - proof you obviously cannot categorically produce either - except by hear say. The term "birthers" was created to demean and marginalize people seeking truth. Go ahead and mock us - we don't care.

3. The Republican governor and Director of Health merely said they saw a document. Did you not actually look at their actual statement? Their statements are misleading.

4. Newspaper accounts can be automatically generated when documents like COLB are recorded. Have those newspaper accounts been authenticated? There is doubt about whether Stanley Dunham actually lived at the address in those announcements.

I don't have any problems looking into the mirror thanks.

I honestly don't understand why you should care what I do or don't believe. There are facts being withheld with regard to Obama's past. They should be disclosed.

and yes I know McCain was born in Panama.. which is why he never made this an issue. I am no fan of Palin either. Again... I did not vote for them and this is NOT about that.

All Obama has to do is show his original signed and sealed birth certificate - OK? Where is it?

Comrade Jones said...

What's UnAmerican are people trying to silence other people in this country.

Obama may have been elected but the question remains regarding his eligibility to serve. Releasing his documents would end all doubt.

Anonymous said...

the birth certificate was released. He was elected by a majority of americans. move on with your life

Anonymous said...

Looking in the mirror was step one. Step 2 was whacking yourself in the head.

I care what you believe because you have a public forum. Our country is facing serious issues. You are trying to debunk something that was well settled. PS The earth is round.

Judy Aron said...

Anonymous then get your own public forum ok? I have a right to my views and opinions and frankly yours do not matter to me... and For what it's worth at least I put my name on my opinions whereas YOU do not.

FYI - The eligibility issue has NOT been settled and will NOT be settled until Barry Soetero AKA Barack Obama releases his documents to the public... you know the one the doctors and his parents signed... you know similar to the one you and I have.

Thanks - I know the earth is round - I never claimed it was flat.

ddadmin said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't get so testy. You absolutely have a right to your views. If you think that leprachauns are real, more power to you. But don't be surprised that people think your a nut on the fringe of society. No offense.

Trying to overthrow our democratic process is disgraceful and frankly unamerican. It's not healthy to have such anger issues. As a candidate, Obama went through the vetting process and an intense investigation into his background. He was elected by a majority of Americans. He is our democratically elected president. Deal with it. Enough with this childish birther crap. You can have a birth certificate with a video of the birth with Hula dancers in the background and it would never be enough for you. Some people are convinced the moon landing never happened. Like it or not, you fall into the same whacky group.

Why don't you try being an American first. It's because we live in this country that you have the right to spout your rantings.
I support that right. I am just trying to let you know that you are coming off like a complete space cadet. Friendly advice.

Anonymous said...

This blog is a great argument against homeschooling

Judy Aron said...

I don't need friendly advice - thanks.

I am not testy - but you sure are and yeah it sure does seem to irk you that I have an opinion that differs from your own. Too bad. But what is really sad is that what you espouse is that anyone having a different perspective then you do is "fringe". If I am "fringe" then so be it - at least I am not you.

No one is "trying to overthrow the democratic process". We DO have a Constitution that should be adhered to. In case you haven't noticed it hasn't been on many other issues.

You obviously are willing to accept proof of eligibility from papers that have no signature shown by people who would support hiding the truth. That is what is disgraceful "Anonymous". And For what it's worth, Mr. Obama did NOT go through an adequate vetting process if there are any outstanding questions at all to his eligibility! In fact, there were other candidates on the presidential ballot that were not natural born! - but people cast votes for them (and I am not talking about McCain). Yes - Obama was elected by a majority of Americans - but if he is proven to be ineligible to serve, then you might as well have elected Arnold Schwartzenegger.

The Constitution doesn't change just because you say so - or just because there was a "majority vote" - and if Obama is Natural Born then he needs to prove it publicly. That means producing his original birth certificate. Do you even know what Natural Born means Constitutionally? It doesn't just mean he's a citizen. Look it up. And for your information Hawaii has about 4 different kinds of documents certifying birth - not all indicate being born in Hawaii - as evidenced by Sun Yat Sen having a Certificate of Live Birth too. He was born in China.

Why all the secrecy to his documents? You may be satisfied - but there is a growing majority - even people who voted for him - who are not. Are they all fringe kooks too? What is UnAmerican is people not willing to ask for the truth. What is UnAmerican is ridiculing dissent and resorting to name calling (which by the way shows childish behavior on your own part!). What is UnAmerican is having a president who is unwilling to share and open up to scrutiny his birth documents and school documents. He's supposed to be the advocate for transparency for gosh sakes!

If your notion of "being an American" is ridiculing others - attempting to stifle opposing opinion, marginalizing it and name calling, then perhaps I am not an American in your eyes. Oh well. Guess I'll have to live with that.

If wanting to see birth records, school records etc. makes me whatever epithets you toss my way - so be it. My question again is show me the documents. Period.

Trust me - if he produces his original signed birth certificate and proves his eligibility to serve it will be a good thing for our Republic. I am really not looking for him to be removed from office and have everything he has to be deemed null and void. No one wants a Constitutional crisis like that - and believe me a President Biden would be no consolation. But I DO believe that if there is truth to his ineligibility then we have some very serious problems in our election process and in our government. Perhaps you don't care - but I DO.

Finally - I honestly feel sorry for you. You have incredible anger and resentment. I truly hope you get over it. It's really unfortunate that you have so little respect for others.

As to the last comment regarding homeschooling - well let's just say my kids and millions of others across the country who homeschooled are doing just fine thanks, and they are performing rings around their peers. Maybe it's because they have learned to question and dig for the truth.

Intrigued said...

The thing about Kenya not being a Republic until 1964 - turns out that is wrong, it was in 1963. The thing about Mombasa being in Zanzibar- that's wrong again. It is actually listed in many documents as Mombasa Kenya during that time period.
Maybe the real question is how could, or why would the Obama's be in Mombasa at that time in 1961?
It just so happens that Jomo Kenyatta was released by the British in August of 1961, and that was at the insistence of Tom Mboya. Kenyatta returned to Kenya on August 14th and was in Mombasa on September 3rd. Barack Obama Sr. was close to Mboya, and they may even have been related. It is not inconceivable to think that the Obama's were in Kenya for the return of Kenyatta and the establishment of the new Kenyan government.
But who knows? The document still has yet to be authenticated which is what Dr. Taitz and others are attempting to do. Folks need to drop the hostility and just get to the bottom of this.

Doubting Thomas said...

Big breath......
The evidence you provide indicates Barack Obama Sr’s age as 26. Obama Sr was born in 1936; his son was born in 1961.

The publication date is February 17, 1964, but it purports be a document of the “Republic of Kenya.” Kenya did not become a Republic until December 12, 1964, a year after it won independence from Great Britain.

The document signed by “registrar E.F. Lavender.” Earth Friendly Lavender is a kind of detergent, and government officials who use vanity initials on official documents are, to put it mildly, rare.

Barack Obama Sr. was born and educated in Nyanza Province, in southwestern Kenya, on Lake Victoria. This is the area where Obama’s family lived and continues to live; Sarah Obama, the step-grandmother of the president, lives in Nyang’oma Kogelo, a small town in the province. But Mombasa is a city on the Indian Ocean, a thousand miles to the east. It didn’t even have an international airport until 1979. And the city wasn’t even part of Kenya when the future president was born. Mombasa was a part of Zanzibar until December 12, 1963, when it became part of the newly independent Kenya. Your certificate claims that the president was born in Coast General Hospital in Mombasa.

For someone seeking the "truth" you were pretty quick to accept this purported birth certificate as fact. Did these Kenyans also inform you that you just won the lottery or that you recently inherited some money from a dead prince? I prefer to rely on the Republican governor of Hawaii, the Health director, the newspaper accounts, the certified birth documents, the years of vetting associated with a campaign. You know. Facts. Don't you think the Republican party and the world media might have also explored this issue. Some crazy lawyer dentist in California has the answers that no other person in the world could find.

You really want to hitch your wagon to Dr. Orly Taitz. The lady is completely insane. Have you actually heard her speak. Born in the Soviet Union, she is a graduate of an online law school. She's only been practicing for a few years as well as being a dentist. How much experience can this nutjob have?

Of course they perform rings around their peers. As a homeschooled kid, their peers are you.Hawaii is a state by the way. You might have an old homeschooling map.

Growing majority? Are you kidding?
There is a reason why the "birther movement is ridiculed" It is a symptom of the dumbing down of America. I am not angry. I am tired. I am annoyed. It's like talking to a brick wall. You think to yourself that people cannot really be this dense. But they are. I apologize for being so uncouth and nothing I say will change your deep seeded resentment towards the current administration.
Someone has to have the courage to tell you. You are a conspiracy nutcase.

Gotta run. See you later you misled alligator.

I hope you occasionaly use substitute teachers with your homeschooling. LOL

PS If you were really searching for the truth, you would plainly see that the evidence overwhelmingly points to the fact that President Obama was born in the United States. At least have the decency to admit your mistake. Clearly you have a different agenda. It's unsettling and unfortunate.

Doubting Thomas said...


I poked a little fun at you, but you are entitled to believe what you want. All in fun. Don't take it personally.


PS I am still 100% confident that you are completely wrong

web development said...

I think this could be areal thing..

Judy Aron said...

Doubting.. oh good grief.. haven't I said all over this post that the Kenyan certificate is yet to be authenticated? Haven't I said that there are still many unanswered questions? I NEVER said I took any of it as gospel truth - but that I am wondering why the original birth certificate with signatures is not being produced?

And thanks for copying word for word what I have already read elsewhere. Sure, the document is being disputed.. I would expect no less... but the question still remains why isn't Obama sharing the original SIGNED certificate? or his other records for that matter? Where is the blasted transparency he promised us? You are the one being taken my friend - and sorry to be the one to break it to you, but your acceptance of what government and cable TV and Robert Gibbs tells you is more the symptom of the dumbing down of America. Like they haven't lied to you before? Believe me I trust the republicans about as much as I trust the Democrats. They are all the same, or haven't you noticed?

But keep calling me names if it makes you feel any better. Dense..conspiracy nutcase..yeah - all your kind can do is toss around epithets while you hide behind comfortable anonymity. And you claim to have courage. Give it a rest. What a laugh. You ought to be the one to be ashamed of yourself. Very ashamed indeed.

Your digs at homeschooling give me another clue as to your lack of education on the subject. You apparently know nothing about it except your own prejudices. Pity that. Poking fun? I'll wager you teach your own kids to hate, profile, belittle and malign in like manner. Yeah - you should be the one to be ashamed.

And no - I do not take it personally - because I have dealt with enough of your type over the years. Your snide comments are ones I have heard before. They honestly don't bother me anymore, because it just proves how utterly ignorant people can be. I just feel very very sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

You said Orly Taitz is insane.. you WISH you had half her intelligence! She'd run rings around you Thomas! She has more knowledge and life experience then you could ever hope to have.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the Predisent produced the signed live birth certificate? Could it be because...

A. He never had it. Most people don't have theirs. Their parents do. His are dead. Wanna ask them?


C. He produced everything required of him in the way of legal documents to satisfy the State of Illinois, the Congress, the Electoral College & an OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of the American people.

Besides, there's much more important stuff he's gotta deal with right now.

Doubting Thomas said...

Let's try this from a common sense approach. How would you explain the newspaper accounts in Hawaii in the 1960s. Even if he was born in Kenya, he would be considered an American citizen anyway. So
What purpose would it have been to fake these accounts? It would be pointless. His mother was a US Citizen. Of course these accounts only add to the overwhelming evidence.

Why hasn't anyone uncovered travel documentation if he was born in Kenya. Wouldn't their be ship manifests, airplane records, Customs info that a baby was brought into the United States. They have proof of my great grandfather coming into this country in the late 1900s. Immigration wouldn't have a record of the Obamas? Maybe there is a document out there. Perhaps a customs declaration page where Obama's father could have indicated that he is bringing in "souvenirs, $200, one Muslim baby that will overthrow the American way of life"

As the previous poster noted, legally binding documents have been produced to satisfy the Illinois, Congress, the Electoral College & an overwhelming majority of the American people. Journalists, other candidates, political parties, right wing nuts, everyone with an interest to uncover something determined that he is a natural born US Citizen.

My understanding is that Hawaii went paperless in 2001. Even if they produced a signed certificate
you would claim that it was a forgery.

Dr. Taitz produced a Kenyan birth certificate abound with errors. Have you ever gotten an email from Africa with a obviously fake copy of a passport or UN documents, etc. Now imagine submitting that as proof to a court of law. Taitz went to an online law school and is a crackpot dentist. An experienced lawyer would never submit such an obvious forgery.

Try being an American. We have a democratic process. We have a constitution. You are trying to circumvent both.

Try putting your party allegiances or racial prejudices or whatever your problem may be aside and use common sense. There are enough crackpots out there. We don't need another one with a blog.

They teach common sense in home school don't they? Maybe your time would be better spent uncovering the truth about the Moon landing, the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot and aliens building Stone Henge. I will fully support your efforts.

Anonymous said...


When your rhetoric induces hate, you shouldn't be surprised when people refuse to remain silent.

Why have a blog if you cannot handle dissenting opinion. Or in this case fact. Annoy a blogger, defend the constitution.

I find your hate speech shameful.

Judy Aron said...

Oh, I have no problem with dissenting opinion - but "anonymous' sure does.

If you construe what I have written to be "hate inducing' then, boy you really have issues! You are the one spewing hate and doing all the name calling. What have I done? Asked that the president release sealed documents during his era of "transparency"? How UnAmerican of me.

As for all the rest - requesting and getting travel manifests etc. it's being tried - and NO documents are being released. But thanks for playing along. Yeah - Obama has "more important things to do" then uphold his oath of office.

Again I ask - where is the signed birth certificate? Why are all his records sealed? and you are correct - there probably isn't one that shows Obama is natural born. One of his parents was not a US citizen. There are issues that need to be disclosed to determine eligibility, one of which has to do with him being deemed an Indonesian citizen on his kindergarten records. How did that come about? (But lets not delve into the facts - it's just conspiracy rubbish - right? Afterall, Obama has records that show that he was born in Hawaii - just like Sun Yat Sen - case closed).

Anyway - Time will tell.

As for annoying a blogger - sorry no - I don't allow myself to get annoyed over anonymous commenters who love to malign and belittle as a daily pastime - call me names and rant about how I have no common sense and I am UnAmerican - yada yada yada, whatever. If that's how you derive pleasure then ... oh well.... to each their own.

Next time though - you think you can come up with something more original than crackpot homeschooler? It just makes your biases that more obvious. Well, score one for transparency.

Doubting Thomas said...

Judy why is your birth certificate sealed. Why can't I get a copy of your certificate? Why can't I get your social security number? Why can't I get your medical records?

Your reaching with this Sun Yat Sen guy. Born in the early 1900s? Come on.

Jane you ignorant slut. Nothing will ever convince you. Not common sense. Not a valid birth document verified by the state of Hawaii. Not anything. You have a deep seeded hatred for this guy. Nothing will change that. Not even the truth that he was born in the US. And his mother was born and raised in the US. She was a United States citizen. You are actually disputing that as well.

When you share your crackpot theories with people, do they tend to cough uncomfortably? Do you find people staring at their shoes or politely smiling?

It bothers me that you try to further this agenda with half truths and misleading propaganda. Like the Soviet born Orly Taitz, you are using the techniques of the good old days of Pravda in Red Russia. It gets old. Your rantings are tired. Let go of your pent up anger in a more positive way.

Stubborn as a mule even when faced with proof. There is clearly no hope for you. I bid you good day and fare thee well.

Anonymous said...

Obama's mother was in Kenya that Summer and waited too long to fly back to Hawaii to have her baby, so the airlines refused to take her, so her and her husband had to go to the port city of Mombasa to catch a boat to Hawaii, but her baby came early so she had to have it there. She then phoned in to a relative in Hawaii to put the birth announcement in a Hawaiian paper so she could later get a birth certificate and collect welfare and student aid while she went to college.

Did I get that right? IS this the latest version from the birthers? LOL Go sell crazy somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

A major component of the birther movement is racial intolerance.

I hope that is not what is behind your efforts.

Orly Taitz is Nuts said...

Great article in Sacramento paper entitled 'Birther' movement is certifiably stupid By Leonard Pitts Jr.

My daughter was born in Los Angeles County on Sept. 4, 1990.

I know this because I was there. Should that not be proof enough, I also have her birth certificate.

We requested it years ago and received a document that looks nothing like the ones I have for my folks, with names and parentage typed in tiny boxes. By contrast, this was a computer-generated abstract with my daughter's data neatly printed on it. We asked why we couldn't get a "real" birth certificate and were told this one is real; this is how they do it now. Indeed, the inscription on the certificate proclaims: "This certified document is a true abstract of the official record filed with the Registrar-Recorder." We used that document to get my daughter's Social Security card, so I figure a "true abstract" is good enough for the federal government. But evidently, it's not good enough for Stefan Cook, Orly Taitz, Rush Limbaugh, Philip Berg and Lou Dobbs.

Barack Obama, you see, has a birth certificate much like my daughter's, documenting his birth in Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961. He's made it available online, just a Google search away.

But that didn't satisfy Cook, a U.S. Army reservist who refused to deploy to Afghanistan because, he recently explained, his commander in chief is not qualified to be his commander in chief. Or Taitz, the Russian-born lawyer who represents him. Or Limbaugh, the radio loudmouth who tells his listeners the president has no birth certificate. Or Berg, who has made a career out of suing the president over this "issue." Or Dobbs, who while professing his belief that Obama was born in this country has kept up a drumbeat demanding that he prove it.

As if he had not already. The "birthers" movement – people who claim Obama cannot be president because he isn't a citizen – has proved hardier than cockroaches in its ability to survive the passage of time and repeated collisions with reality. It is, if anything, more visible now than at any time in the year or so since first it surfaced.

It even includes a handful of GOP lawmakers.

Yours truly lacks the acumen to calculate how stupid you'd have to be to believe there is a shred of a shred of a piece of a fraction of validity to their claim. With the untold fortune Hillary Clinton, John McCain and others spent researching Obama, we're supposed to believe it took Orly Taitz to dig out this bombshell?

And what of the birth announcements in two Honolulu newspapers, heralding Obama's arrival? Did he send somebody back to '61 in a time machine to plant them? Unbelievable.

And yet, believed.

Last month, GOP Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware was booed and shouted down at a town hall meeting because he dared vouch that the president is a citizen. If I were of that endangered species, the thoughtful conservative, I would find that deeply troubling.

And I'll save you the trouble: No, the left is not free of lunacy. Somewhere out there, somebody still thinks George W. Bush had the Pentagon bombed on Sept. 11. But the Democrats usually keep their loons off to the side where they are pandered to, yes, but not allowed to run the show. For Republicans, though, lunacy has become the show, a circus of extremism that now defines them. In it, Obama is an undocumented worker, Sonia Sotomayor is a Klanswoman, Saddam Hussein green-lighted the Sept. 11 attacks, and no one dares dissent for fear of the great and powerful Limbaugh.

For a generation, the GOP has tolerated and encouraged this estrangement from reality because it played well at the ballot box.

Castle's experience suggests the cost may now outstrip the benefits. Because the cost is the specter of a party rendered ridiculous – and irrelevant.

You have to ask yourself: How far from reality can you wander before you can't find your way home again? If conservatives aren't careful, they may soon find out.

Anonymous said...

Judy. This is a joke right. There is no way you are serious. You don't actually believe this? Very funny indeed. Great practical joke. You had me going. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Judy, i have a bridge in brooklyn to sell you. Come back from the fringe we miss you.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the side bar here, it's clear Judy has a problem with immigrants and a whole slew of other people. Typical fringe looney preaching hate,

Judy Aron said...

"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."

Guess you all live by Saul Alinsky's rules.

Only thing is I am not playing your game.
But thanks for raising my stats this week :)

Anonymous said...


Nice try. Your posts. Your side bumper stickers. Your jabs at Obama as "Barry" Your whole schtick is ridiculing those who do not share your beliefs.

It is not impossible to counteract ridicule. It is impossible to counteract facts.

Try common sense for once. You might like it. You have been soundly disproven. Your putting forth a fake Kenyan birth certificate signed by a laundry detergent as fact. You link to nutcase zealots like Dentist Orly Taintz a graduate of an online law school. Your stats being raised only exposes you as a nut to more people. Your welcome.

It's really getting sad. Come back to normal society. We miss you. Somebody do an intervention, please.

Judy Aron said...

"Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have." - Saul Alinsky

You keep coming back and I am supposed to be the crazy one? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Imagine taking the word of a clearly deranged Soviet immigrant who is a correspondence school dentist and lawyer that her obviously forged document is "evidence" of a Constitutional crisis.
For God's sake, Oily Taters couldn't even get into a real law school and had to get her degree (good only in California -- for now at least) from the back of a matchbook. Yet some lunatic here believes she's some sort of genius.

I think other posters have hit the nail on the head when they point out that all this nonsense is racially motivated. Of course Judy isn't going to admit to that -- she's just going to post her not-so-subtle little dog whistle pieces about "pimping" Air Force One and etc... and then claim she's not a racist at all. She's involved with groups linked to the White supremacist movement (and before you start screaming, Judy, do some research -- it's irrefutable fact). Yet she blithely denies it all.

Frankly, I'm puzzled. Judy doesn't appear to be stupid. While I used to disagree with her back when she was sane, I certainly couldn't say she wasn't putting forth decent, real-world arguments. I don't know what happened to send her around the bend, but I suppose it *could* be the fear that racism often spawns.

Most puzzling of all to me though, and what I find most indicative of Judy's escape from the bonds of reality, is that she is making common cause with groups of people who, given a chance, would gleefully institute an American Shoah. I don't get it. Surely a thoughtful person would be able to see where this "teabagger" movement is going, and who it is attracting.

I'd like to see Judy stay off Fox News and the internetz for a month to six weeks and see if she comes back down to earth, because it's a shame to see someone go from thoughtful commentary to pushing the same frightening agenda as StormFront.

Judy Aron said...

Tactics means doing what you can with what you have. - Saul Alinsky

I guess all you have, "Anonymous", is spam.

Gee - you really must be convinced that spamming is effective.

Anonymous said...

See, anyone can be from Kenya!

I Love Rush Limbaugh said...


No correction about the fake kenyan birth certificate. I thought the point of this site was to give info we need to know. LOL

Typical sheep. Following whatever Fox & Friends feeds you.

Judy Aron said...

LOL - first of all I never said it was authentic - did I? I said it had to be authenticated. I said it numerous times in my comments too. (or can't you read?)

I like the birth certificate generator though - only I happen to have a real birth certificate with a seal and with actual people's signatures on it. Can't imagine why Barry won't share his along with his other documents. What's he hiding?

Gee and I'll just bet you follow MSNBC - tsk tsk such sheep. Must give you tingles up your leg to listen to Mad Cow and Olbermann - employed by MCNBC/GE who have received more money from the Obama administration as payback for their support.
Give me a break the whole of cable news is corrupt... or didn't you know?

So tell me - you never answered - is this spamming thing really productive and rewarding work for you? Do you honestly enjoy being insulting and demeaning? I do feel sorry for you though. Too bad you don't feel confident enough about what you say to actually sign your real name to it though. That speaks volumes.

Ben said...

Anonymous would have made a great Nazi.

Benjamin Franklin said...

Vetting process, FBI background checks, Congressional inquiries, official statements from Hawaiian officials including Republican governor, 40 plus year newspaper accounts, worldwide media scrutiny and investigation, official birth document with raised seal...etc, etc. Judy Aron's take? Show me proof.

Crazy online lawyer/dentist/real estate agent produces obvious hoax birth certificate with glaring mistakes... Judy Aaron's take?

This could be the real thing!
The Time Line Fits! - Judy Aaron

So much for transparency and credibility.

You want to believe what you want to believe. The truth doesn't matter to you. How about that bridge in Brooklyn? I'll give you a good price. LOL

Anonymous said...

Uh oh.

Looks as if someone (MANY someones!) might've been punk'd.

Priceless indeed.

Jennifer said...

Sincere question I've been meaning to ask a member of the "Obama's not a citizen" group: what do you think about the 1961 Honolulu newspaper announcement of the birth of a little boy? Is that real, or did they have the foresight back then to think "This half-black Kenyan baby with the funny name might one day run for president, so here's our chance to earn brownie points from a 48-years-in-the-future presidential administration?"

Phil said...

Jennifer have you seen the actual newspaper article other than what was posted on the Internet? I mean the microfiche or any other link that actually shows the newspaper listing? or any other credible origin?

Obama did not post that newspaper birth announcement image on his FTS [FightTheSmears] web site. He posted the COLB, and the admission that he was a British subject at birth whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948.

But let me digress a moment...
As for Annenberg Political, (APFC), Annenberg was hardly an “independent” arbiter of his eligibility to be POTUS, since that was his boss when he was Chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge). End of digression.

The image of that newspaper birth announcement is still there on AFPC's web site, with a lead-in consisting of a few lines of text beginning with, “In fact…”

No one seems to be able to trace its origin though, or the person who actually found the announcement, but one keeps getting back to the blog named td, or texas darlin.

The announcement seems to have been posted by a blogger who grudgingly concluded Obama “likely” was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu. But do you think APFC conducted their own investigation to check this announcement? Do you think they contacted the Honolulu Advertiser to check the facts surrounding this birth announcement publication? Has anyone actually viewed the archives and located that same image from microfiche or other medium?

In sum, the image of that announcement of BO’s birth in the Honolulu Advertiser posted on APFC came from an anonymous poster on the td blog! APFC usurped that image, posted this on its site, and with no further evidence of authentication and declared, “The evidence is clear: Barack Obama was born in the U.S.A.”

So with all the newspaper generators available on the Internet (and birth certificate generators as well) the image of BO’s birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser posted on APFC and all over the internet, could very well also be a fake.

Maybe you'd like to do your own investigating?