Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Free Market Approach To Healthcare

Do we need healthcare reform - yup.
Do we need more government intervention - nope.

In fact - with medicare and medicaid essentially going broke, and other government managed healthcare models worldwide producing rationed healthcare for their participants, that should be reason enough to see that publicly funded healthcare doesn't work well at all. It's expensive and kills competition (as well as people). It drives up costs.

Doctors in this country already are paid less by Medicare and Medicaid, than it costs them to treat their patients. Some doctors won't even participate in those programs. Many doctors are already thinking of leaving medicine because of the high cost of doing business as a result of more and more government regulation.

We have to find new solutions - but more government is not one of them.

The Cato Institute says:
The right health care reform must be founded on free-market solutions:
- the freedom to purchase health plans across state lines;
- effective tax credits;
- making health insurance portable, controlled by the individual rather than government or an employer;
- changing medical licensing laws, and more.

CATO offers some good ideas