Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Sudbury School Opening In Connecticut!

Good news for homeschooling advocates and supporters of children's rights!
There is a new Sudbury School opening in Connecticut this fall:

The River Valley Sudbury School is hosting a Meet and Greet at the
Chester Community Center
61 Middlesex Avenue Chester, CT
at 7:00 pm this Monday, August 24th.

They are looking forward to a fun and informative gathering of prospective students and their parents. They will be discussing plans to open this school on September 8th.

The Sudbury school model is innovative and designed for independent children. This is a school that celebrates and supports children's civil rights

Students of all ages determine what they will do, as well as when, how, and where they will do it. This freedom is at the heart of the school; it belongs to the students as their right, not to be violated.

The school provides a setting in which students are independent, are trusted, and are treated as responsible people, and it is a community in which students are exposed to the complexities of life in the framework of a participatory democracy.

Come check it out!
Come and sign up to volunteer for the school.

River Valley Sudbury School
P.O. Box 618
Chester, CT 06412
860 526 2817

(H/T Mandy)