Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Leaves Home - One Comes Home

The girl left for college last Friday - actually we helped move her in.
She's got a whole new chapter in her life beginning.
She's excited and raring to go.
She's got suite mates and new school books and some really interesting classes.
One class requires her to attend two concerts and write papers about them.
Oh, the life of a Music Industry major!

The middle boy, on the other hand, graduated from college on Sunday.
He looked splendid in his black cap and gown and received a gorgeous diploma (suitable for framing, of course)
He graduated in a class of roughly 600. It took a while to get through all those names.
But it was wonderful.
He's got a degree in Computer Networking and his specialty is computer security and ethical hacking. (That's where companies pay you to break into their computer systems so they can discover their vulnerabilities.)
He's come home for the time being and is seeking employment, as are many of his friends. The job market is tight even for technical degrees - so I can't even begin to imagine what Philosophy or Literature majors are dealing with! He is pondering starting his own business. We'll see how things go. My guess is that he won't be home for long. He's making some plans.
He too, is starting a new chapter in his life (and there is a female involved).

I can't tell you how proud I am of both of them, as well as of my oldest who is gainfully employed and living his own life (and paying off his student loans).

And life goes on ....