Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Tale Of Two Congressmen On Healthcare

Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts ADMITS to the deceptive plan to bring us a single-payer government managed healthcare model as a result of placing a public option in this healthcare bill:

and Rep. Tom Price of Georgia admonishes the Democrat plan for government takeover of healthcare in America.

So who really has the best interests of the American people in mind?
Who is looking to expand government and control healthcare?
Here's a clue - Massachusetts Universal Healthcare, by many accounts, has been a monumental failure, and other countries government run healthcare are also expansive and undesirable models which have resulted in rationing and lower quality of care (That's why they come here)

A colleague of mine reports:
I have been to countries that have government-run health care, the most recent ones being Poland, Ireland, and the UK. These people in their own words are pleading for us NOT to allow our health care system to come under the control of the Federal Government. We are their place of refuge for medical care not available in their own countries. Last year, I went to Canada on holiday and while there, asked the locals there about their health care system. They laughed and said that in Canada, if you get sick, you die. They have the highest per capita tax in the world, second only to Sweden, and yet they come across the border for MRI's, CAT scans, elective surgeries, etc., because the lack of adequate health care funding has created waiting lists for these procedures as far out as a year and a half; in some cases, longer. I know that universal, single-payer health care has been a crusade of Ted Kennedy his entire senatorial career, but if he genuinely feels a government-run health care system is the best thing for us, why didn't he go to Canada for his cancer treatment? I'll tell you why. Their doctors would have set him with a 24-hour morphine drip and sent him home. By the way, Congress and their families are exempt from the House bill. The President's claim that he would take the "public option" is laughable at best.

By the way, I would like to know why the plans being considered exempt members of Congress. Do you suppose that under the health plan they are pushing in Washington, John Larson's recent heart valve surgery and Chris Dodd's Prostate Cancer surgery (and after care) would have been attended to as well as they have been had they been made to wait in line for tests and treatments like they plan for the rest of us plebes?