Monday, August 3, 2009

Teaching Kids Handcuffing Techniques filed this report:

Inside Stetson Middle School on Thursday afternoon, a group of 11 children gathered around a former Pennsylvania state trooper to learn about handcuffing techniques.

This activity was part of an investigative criminal science course offered through the Chester County Intermediate Unit's Summer Career Academy program.

The students "are interested and it breaks the summer up," said Frank McCorkle, a former trooper who now teaches police and security courses at the Technical College High School in Penn. "And it gives the kids something to do."

The intermediate unit has been offering career programs since 1998, according to Summer Career Academy co-Coordinator Jennifer Meyers.

"They are taught in a very hands-on way," Meyers said.


"This is a nonprofit camp that allows students the opportunity to explore career paths," Watson said.

Cute. (Don't enjoy it too much Johnny....)

What's next ??? A course on the art of strip search or perhaps proper use of tasers on the elderly?