Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two Thought Provoking Videos

One about the Federal Reserve

The other is Glenn Beck's Monday (8/24/09) show - asking some very pointed questions.

This isn't about Left versus Right - it isn't about Bush versus Obama - it's about Tyranny versus Liberty. We ARE being financially enslaved by our government. We ARE being lied to. The policies they are pursuing are absolutely unsustainable and absolutely destructive.
Remember they NEVER waste a crisis - and have been using those opportunities to seize more power and control.

The question is: what are YOU as a citizen going to do about it?
- Continental Congress 2009
- Support Liberty candidates - those who will restore the Republic and adhere to the Constitution.
- Don't allow your voice to be silenced - don't be intimidated.
- Join organizations which are seeking to protect and defend our Constitution.
- Stand up for your rights
- Protect your assets

Remember that government doesn't GIVE you your rights - but it is supposed to protect them.

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first. -Thomas Jefferson


Ernest said...

I've asked this question before but I've never really gotten an answer. So I'll pose it to you.

Considering that, though these things are clearly unconstitutional and the majority of Americans are against them, they are STILL trying to push it through on us.

What are we going to do if they ram this down our throats in spite of all our protests?

Judy Aron said...

Actually Ernest I think that We The People have several options - we just have to look to the Constiution for them.

There are peaceful as well as non peaceful means. I believe that We should choose peaceful means, if possible.

We can all collectively choose not to pay our taxes. Can they put us ALL in jail?

We can boycott and strike.

We can begin impeachment proceedings on our elected officials who are NOT abiding by their oath of office and who are NOT representing us.

We can elect other people. We must educate people that party affiliation is not as important as what the person plans to do and what they stand for. Unfortunately too many people vote blindly.

We can participate in events like Continental Congress 2009.

We can continue to lobby our legislatures and make our voices known.

If you are military/ex-military - or a civil servant - or a policeman/fireman - you can join organizations like Oathkeepers.

You can support organizations who promote liberty and the restoration of our Republic.

States can individually elect to exercise their 10th amendment rights - and even secede from the union. Talk to your legislators about a sovereignty bill.

We can do whatever possible so that each of us as individuals are NOT dependent on government and support companies and organizations who do NOT depend on bailouts or other government help. Conversely we can shun companies that do.

And of course, we must continue to educate Americans about what the Constitution means and what our rights are, and how they are being eroded. It is evident that decades of dumbing down of Americans through the public schools and the lack of teaching of history and civics and being told that government is the solution to every problem has sown what we are seeing today.

Look to what the Founders did when they opposed British tyranny.

There is much we can do.