Monday, September 14, 2009

9-12 March On Washington

It was awesome - unbelievable - and there WERE about 2 Million (some police estimated 3.6 Million) people there at the Washington March. For every person who came to Washington, there were probably 5 to 10 more who could not come, but wanted to be there.

No matter how much the cable media down plays this event - IT WAS BIG! and We the People will NOT be ignored.

I have to tell you - this event went beyond my wildest expectations. It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of this amazing event. You cannot imagine how it was to see Americans fill the streets from the lawn and steps of the Capitol all the way up to the Washington Monument AND up Pennsylvania Avenue!

The police were overheard as saying there were 3.6 million.
The park rangers said they have never seen a bigger crowd AND we left barely any litter (unlike the President's inauguration which left the mall littered with bottles and trash!).
There were NO arrests.

There were people there from every state of the union.
I even met people from Australia and Austria who were proud too to be part of this event. They said that these Americans were an inspiration and the world's hope to maintain freedom and it's Republic.

People were so kind and friendly - and were so positive and relished their rights to redress of grievances, gather in freedom and to speak freely.

It was laughable that Fox, CNN and ABC and MSNBC had reported that there were only 60,000-75,000 in attendance. I think that is how many were on line for the bathroom alone! But seriously, there were so many people! and the Expressway was backed up as well! And as for the media - we don't care anymore - the mainstream media lies, and they are becoming more and more irrelevant. Look at YouTube videos and hear what the bloggers have to say - they are the NEW Media.

The pictures and videos tell the story.
Listen to the black speakers like Mason Weaver and singers like Lloyd Marcus and Hispanic speakers like Mario Lopez and Hector Barreto. And one of the best speeches of the day was delivered by Rev.C.L.Bryant

There were even Conservative Jews blowing the shofar!
So this is NOT about race.
Don't let the media fool you.
Don't believe their lies and their spin.
This was about preserving the Constitution, and our Liberty and Freedom.

It is a disgrace that the American media portrays these Americans as "Right Wing kooks" and racists. These people were all everyday Americans who traveled from the Rockies - from the farmlands and plains - from the cities and seasides of America. This was not "just" a "Conservative Event" or "Astroturf"... there were Democrats speaking - there were Libertarians speaking - there were Republicans speaking - at this event. And as for the notion that these people protesting are somehow racist; there were people of all colors and backgrounds at this rally - they were old and young - able bodied and disabled. They all came out from across this great country to protest Socialism - over reaching government - erosion of freedom - corruption in government and other issues that our government has presented to us.

These people represented the true America - hardworking people from all walks of life, who sacrificed much in this recession to come out and make their voices heard on the lawn of the Capitol and beyond. They are people who truly love and respect the greatness of our country - our Constitutional rights - unalienable rights given to us NOT by government - but by our Creator. These Americans recognize that government is supposed to protect our rights - NOT restrict them.

This crowd of 2 million or more gave me hope that we can save this Republic. We will NOT go quietly into the night while politicians try to insert Socialism and Nanny State policies into our lives. A sleeping giant has been awakened and every tea party draws more to the light of Liberty.

The public is awakening and they are on the march.
"We The People" will not tolerate being belittled, marginalized, ridiculed or ignored.

Politicians are on notice.
"We The People" are watching and we will not stand by idly to watch the further destruction of this Republic.

Mr. Obama and Congress - Can You Hear Us Now?

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