Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Democrats Play Games In The Legislature

It's good to see our elected officials so hard at work and so focused and engaged on the real problems of Connecticut.

Reps. Hennessy and Lambert probably couldn't get away for a junket to Foxwoods - so this was the next best thing. Do you suppose tax dollars are used for upgrades to their gaming software?

Meanwhile Rep. Genga just couldn't pull himself away from the game to focus on what he was elected to do.

And we pay these people for this?
And they want to be paid full time throughout the year to do this?

But here is the thing:
Last night, while they were busy playing solitaire and watching baseball, House and Senate Democrats put another stake in the heart of Connecticut’s economy. They passed a budget attacking CT employers and CT businesses. This budget contains the largest tax increase in state history! $1.5 billion to be exact. And they decided to tax the very same people who sign paychecks for workers, and to whom we will look to create jobs. We have 70,000 CT residents who are currently unemployed in this recession (and that's only the ones who are reported!).

Not only that, but taxing millionaires is a stupid strategy. Basing a revenue stream on a millionaire's tax creates an unstable income for the State. Millionaires can relocate easily - by merely changing their residence. But, it's an easy strategy for lazy legislators who have no fresh ideas and no vision for our state. Apparently those legislators would rather play solitaire or watch baseball.

Moreover, these very same Democrats passed a budget that guarantees more financial pain in years to come. They plan to borrow $1.3 BILLION even as they full well know that our State is facing a $5 billion deficit in two years, and we won't have the money to pay off the debt. They are courting financial disaster for our state as they play solitaire and watch baseball!

So what do we have? While households across Connecticut have had to cut back on their spending, we have a Democratically controlled legislature who has increased spending in some areas and have failed miserably in finding meaningful budget cuts to help us financially as we go forward. This means that they have further grown government and further indebted us and our children. Those of us who have jobs will have to work more hours to pay ultimately higher taxes to pay off State debts. I guess we won't have the luxury of sitting at our computers to play solitaire or watch baseball, especially at work. Those elected legislators who delivered this budget should be ashamed of themselves.

Governor Rell stated at the beginning of this budget season:
"I believe that we cannot raise taxes on employers at this time. They are struggling, just like our families. Higher taxes could likely be the last financial straw that causes companies to close and employees to lose jobs. If we hold firm and neighboring states raise business taxes, as they are talking about doing, then we will be at a competitive advantage very quickly."
And yet, Governor Rell plans to let this budget pass without her signature.

This is wrong on so many levels.
She needs to veto this budget and get these legislators to stop playing games, in chambers and with the taxpayers of CT, and to do the hard work needed to help our State as we go forward through this recession.

With failing commercial real estate on the horizon and more layoffs, this is NOT the time to raise taxes and spending.

Perhaps instead of playing games these legislators should take some online courses in basic economics.

Call Governor Rell and Lt. Gov. Fedele and ask them to VETO THIS BUDGET TODAY

Governor M. Jodi Rell

Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele

(H/T AP News and Larry C.)