Monday, September 7, 2009

Got "D"?

Fresh air and sunshine is good for you.
So - what are you doing inside?


Anonymous said...

I noticed a huge difference in how I felt when getting a little sunshine in the summer as compared to October-April when I didn't. I finally made the connect myself last month when I heard about the benefits of vitamin D.

What I noticed is that during June-August I kept those pesky 3 pounds off, felt rejuvinated and healthy, happy and perky with my hair and skin looking vibrant again.

I am now taking vitamin D to see if that helps ward off the winter blahs.

Thanks for the info! Good to see that I'm on the right track:-)


Anonymous said...

And I have a bridge for sale.

Sadly, the public will always be taken in by the next miracle nostrum that comes along until they understand science and that old adage: if it sounds to good to be true...

Judy Aron said...

A bridge for sale? You mean you don't believe that some things work for some people and not for others?
How open minded of you.

Bet you also believe vitamin C doesn't prevent scurvy either. Must be that you know more science than all of us uneducated gullible dolts. What arrogance.

So ummm.. if vitamin D is not helpful at all, then why do they put it in milk? and other foods? Surely, they must believe there is some benefit.

Sadly, there are always people who must be critical of these things and begin marginalizing those who take the time to do some research and have had positive results with it. I suppose you don't believe in the benefits of chicken soup either, or acupuncture, or reiki, or eastern medicine or ....

Rachel said...

I started taking D after I delivered my baby in February. I was having some slight problems with depression and feeling more than exhausted. My midwife ordered a blood test and discovered I was very low on D. After a few days of taking D I felt so much better and had much more energy. I'm currently giving my kids a multi-vitamin but after seeing this clip and reading else where about the benefits of D I'll be upping their intake also! Thanks so much for posting this!