Friday, September 4, 2009

I Pledge

You have got to be joking!
Millionaire entertainers who are making pledges to help the downtrodden? and to save the planet?
That must be when they aren't charging obscene ticket prices and wasting gallons of fuel jetting around the world, or making movies and music videos which pollute our children's minds with violence and profanity.
Yeah...Some of these female entertainers would do well to use less plastic... inside their bodies.
And as for being good parents and spouses? is that when they aren't having babies out of wedlock, having them raised by nannies, and getting divorced every other week?

What a bunch of feel good hypocrites!
This is a Leftist propaganda piece that Hess and Goebbels would be proud of!

They pledge to "be a servant to our president"?
This echoes from history - "The reward for your labors is the feeling of having done one's duty for the movement, for Adolf Hitler, for Germany." - Rudolph Hess, 1934
And do they not know or understand that Barack Obama was elected to serve US?

Twisted people - twisted message.

Want to pledge something?

I pledge to work to stop the Socialism, Communism and Tyranny that has crept into our national landscape in the name of helping to "save the world and help one another".
I pledge to expose the corruption and abuse of authority in our government.
I pledge to hold our elected officials accountable.
I pledge to encourage people to depend upon themselves instead of the government.
I pledge to Restore our Republic and our Constitution.
I pledge to support Liberty and Freedom.

(H/T Susan S. and Mommy Life)


Anonymous said...

I pledge to never watch one of their movies or buy any of their music.

CaraBee said...

While there were parts of that video that I liked, the "servant to Obama" part is majorly effing scary.

I pledge to be ever vigilant of our elected officials.
I pledge to call/write/email my elected officials more.
I pledge to GET INVOLVED.

Wyndee Fields said...

I like this pledge so much, I'm posting it in a note on my Facebook page. This is my response to all those "No one should have too..." blanket statements supporters posted yesterday. Thank you for summarizing what we are fighting for.

Michelle said...

Yep, scary stuff. It was posted on You Tube way back in Jan, but I just now came across it. I'm posting it on my site in a couple of days. It's very imprtant to know exactly what it is we're fighting.

Jeannetta said...

I posted this too today! I did it first on Facebook, then after I went to town and cooled off, I amended mine :) I loved your comments :)

linda68701 said...

A 'servant to our president'? That's horrifying. Thanks for showing this, but thanks even more for your pledge at the end. Gotta ramp up my civics for my 12 year old!

Ernest said...

I believe that with every passing day, the socialists who are trying to take over this country are showing their cards.

I'm at the point where I've pretty much given up trying to convince the undecideds, because if you can look at this video and NOT see socialists pledging obedience to the state and their Dear Leader then it is because of willful ignorance.

I'm spending my time now talking to like-minded individuals and planning out what we're going to need to do.