Thursday, September 3, 2009

Larson Healthcare Town Hall - West Hartford Town Hall

There was supposed to be a rally in Hartford at Dodd's office... on Lewis Street on September 2 at 5:30 PM. Then, late Wednesday afternoon there was a switch - and it was done on purpose, to throw Obamacare protesters off... but it didn't work.

The Larson/Obama people did this on purpose to try to stop Obamacare protesters from showing up where the Pro-Obamacare people would be. This was in an effort to make it look like everyone in attendance at the West Hartford Town Hall was in support of Obamacare. However, there were many anti-Obamacare people who showed up at the West Hartford Town Hall to make sure their voice was heard. And heard it was, often drowning out the opposition!

Interestingly enough, inside West Hartford Town Hall was packed with Obamacare supporters and very few of the opposition was allowed in - citing fire codes - because the room had already been pre-packed and staged with Obamacare supporters. A media move for sure. But there were plenty of anti-government healthcare people outside protesting as the pictures show. There were also two pickup trucks circling Town hall that had signs on them saying Kill Bill 3200.

Very short notice was made to the general public about this event, but emails to Planned Parenthood and Hartford Dental Society and SEIU, (etc.) were made well in advance to their organizations to get their people out.

There were photos taken of Larson's supporters and pro Obamacare folks being bused in to be at this event, and some even came from Massachusetts. There were also a big bunch of non-voting non-taxpaying kids - 12 year olds - with professionally made signs, who had no clue what it was they were even talking about - and it was evident they were told to be there by someone. There were also SEIU people and Planned Parenthood people and union employees with their professionally made signs alongside some high school and college kids. These kids clearly had little understanding that it is they who would be paying for this massive healthcare cost and instead were caught up in thinking that universal healthcare is somehow the benevolent and moral thing to do - nevermind the cost or the aspect of ultimately rationing substandard care. One boasted to me that he worked for a whole $15.00 an hour! So he knows what its like to be employed and pay taxes! Wait till he has to fork over the majority of that meager pay to pay for the government spending he was supporting!

The anti-Obamacare people made a very good showing despite a last minute change in plans from the original Hartford rally at Dodd's office. It was evident that the switch of venue was done by design on Larson's side, as was the planning of simultaneous town halls for Himes, Larson, Courtney and Murphy across CT. They thought that the opposition would not show up in any significant numbers. They were wrong.

The original information about the Dodd healthcare march/rally at his office on Lewis Street in Hartford was sent out to organizations (like the Hartford Dental Society) via email and listed on websites too (like Planned Parenthood) - but then an email went out later Wednesday afternoon telling everyone that the plans had been switched and that the march was moved to West Hartford Town Hall at Larson's Town Hall meeting. So the anti-Obamacare and Tea Party organizers had to switch as well.

It is amazing though, the tactics that the Obama pro government healthcare people are using in order to try to shut us up and shut us out.
In the end, they didn't - and the opposition to government run public healthcare will continue to show up at these events.

I'd like to personally thank the West Hartford Police in doing a splendid job of keeping things from getting out of hand. They allowed free speech and were professional and unbiased.


Anti-Obamacare protesters on the left of the screen on the Town Hall steps shout "Wake Up America". Two pickup trucks drive by with signage "Kill Bill 3200". Notice Union members, members of Planned Parenthood and kids/teenagers who support Obamacare on the Town Hall steps on the right side of the screen, with their professionally made signs.