Thursday, September 24, 2009

Military Desensitization

WeAreChange Ohio traveled to Newport, Kentucky to investigate the military checkpoints that appeared around the downtown area on September 6, 2009. Officially, this was done for traffic control purposes during the annual Riverfest celebration that is held on both sides of the Ohio River.

Military Police from the U.S. Army National Guard performed a series of tasks throughout the day, which included aiding the local police to close bridges across the river, and to reverse traffic along Monmouth Street in Newport.

Two Military Police officers were located at each corner of Monmouth from the Ohio River to 11th Street, while two Humvees were strategically placed to block traffic onto the Taylor-Southgate Bridge. One of the National Guard members indicated that there were also Marines in the area.

Military Desensitization.

That's what I call it when government puts military on "traffic duty" like this. (As if our military money couldn't be put to better use!). Aside from the blatant trampling of Posse Comitatus, this kind of military presence only gets the public used to seeing military on American streets.

I support our troops as much as the next guy, but honestly, I am not liking this.

We are being desensitized.
Believe it.
And this is one of many many instances across this country where military units are being put on American Streets.

And while "traffic control" seems harmless in and of itself - you must understand that this is what a Police state looks like. Traffic Control to Traffic Stops to Searches to Seizures to Incarceration.

Right now Americans are being taught to feel OK with the MP's presence.
You the public are being quietly taught to obey.

Just think about it a moment, as to why we need military MP's to do the job of regular traffic cops? In "camo gear" no less! With armored vehicles on the roadside. A bit of overkill for "traffic control" don't you think?

It is also quite something to hear MP's unfortunately utter the words "I am just following orders". Additionally, traffic control was probably NOT what these fellows signed up to do on American streets.

Looks like these military guys need to be introduced to Oathkeepers.

Think about it:
Even our kids are being taught to accept this, and being desensitized - just look at their toys:

Children's Toy
Playmobil Airport Security Checkpoint
Teach them young.