Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Now A Clip From Baron Hill (IN-D-09)

LOL - well, Rep. Baron Hill (IN-D-09) you got to be on YouTube anyway - and you are clearly one legislator demonstrating the arrogance and pomposity endemic to Congress. And you wonder why the people are angry???
"This Is My Town Hall Meeting! I set the rules...and you're not going to tell me how to run my congressional office!" - Congressman Baron Hill to his constituents

We The People will continue to remind these representatives that they work for US - we do not serve them!

If we want to videotape their remarks, then we damn well have a right to do so. It's called transparency in government. Cameras are a weapon of Liberty, because they do not lie. We must hold these legislators accountable for their remarks and their actions. The attitude that this Congressman displays is precisely what is destroying this Republic.

Care to call the Congressman and let him know you saw him on YouTube? 202-225-5315. Let him know what you think of his remarks.

FYI, both Todd Young and Travis Hankins are running against "Herr" Baron Hill.