Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Difference Between Liberals And Tea Partiers...

This is what the National Mall looked like after the Obama Inauguration:

Our beautiful National Mall was strewn with trash - showing the total lack of respect attendees of the inauguration had for our Capitol.

On the other hand -

This is what the National Mall looked like after 2 million "tea partiers" visited Washington on 9-12-09

The 9-12 Marchers made sure that everything was left as they found it - in fact many brought their own trash bags and offered to dispose of your trash for you. There was a kindness and respect displayed that was refreshing and something to be proud of.

The difference?
Liberals expect everyone else to clean up their trash.
Where were all those "environmentalists" on inauguration day who were supposed to have so much respect for their environment?

It looks like Constitutionalists don't sit around waiting for big government or anyone else to clean up after their messes and they certainly displayed far more respect for their environment.

The proof is in the photos.

(H/T Gateway Pundit)