Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why Healthcare Needs To Be Profit Driven - And What It Is Like When It Is Not

We can't afford universal healthcare for so many reasons.
Innovation will be lost.
Doctors and nurses will leave the profession.
People will get substandard rationed care.
We'll be just like Cuba, Canada and Britain.

Government run healthcare in this country is already a mess - just look at nearly bankrupt Medicare, Medicaid and the bureaucracy of Tricare.


Connecticut Man1 said...

4 of the top 6 big pharma's are located in socialist countries and the US is not only NOT leading in drug research but we are currently falling even further behind Europe in that area. Please tell me how innovation will be lost? We are already losing in that area by a long shot.

Judy Aron said...

We are losing in the area of drug research because of the massive government regulations placed on companies here. So companies go to other countries to develop pharmaceuticals, etc. Then of course the FDA fast tracks whatever lawmakers and their pharma lobbyists tell them to fast track.

Like anything else it's cheaper to make it in other places... but they sure sell a lot of drugs in this country. The vaccine makers are raking it in on this bogus swine flu deal.

You'd do well to check on what the CATO Institute has to say about Healthcare reform.

Stossel got it right though regarding our medical technology - it's the best in the world which is why people come here for care and not... say... Cuba.

Concerned Citizen said...

No, there's actually nothing you can learn a lot from CATO. Unless the subject is fascism.

Anonymous said...

Whatever your feelings on the rest of it, you're incorrect on the innovation.

We're already paying for much of the research being done. It's being done at university labs and university affiliated labs with government grant money. Work is being done by students getting federal financial aid. The drug and medical companies come in and for a pittance get the information and exclusive rights to sell at high prices. They are NOT taking a major risk in research. They're watching what looks interesting, then swooping in to be in on the finish work and put it on the market. They're happy enough to let the orphan disease research sit there and languish. Not enough profit there.

Judy Aron said...

"Concerned Citizen" you clearly have no idea what Fascism is.

Judy Aron said...

Anonymous - like it or not - profit is the motivator that has created everything from the light bulb to medical technology and beyond. Profit put men on the moon and computers and iphones and blackberries in your disgruntled little hands. It also puts food on your table and gives millions of people employment.

There is nothing wrong with profit or the free market - in fact even the Chinese Communists are enjoying it.

David Aron said...

It breaks my heart the suffering that our "well intentioned" liberal friends and their Leviathan state have created. I often wonder how they can be so cruel to their fellow men by subjecting them to the kind of torture depicted in this report.

Concerned Citizen - Leave your cliches at the door. We have no room for them here.

Anonymous - Big Pharma is a creation of Big Government. Government regulations and taxes squeeze out the small competition and raise the cost of business. As a result, treating that orphan becomes unprofitable. That's the problem with our current corporatist system, it is not a free market due to the government interferences so health care is wasted in some areas and undersupplied in others.

What we need is a Free Market in Health Care: Individuals purchasing their own care, shopping for their own hospitals and doctors, and buying health insurance for unforeseen catastrophes.