Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carnival of Homeschooling - 200th Edition - Party On!

Yes, this is the 200th edition of the COH!
(Today, October 27th, also happens to be my birthday!)

Thanks for responding to the COH invites.
Come on in and settle down... we have some great reading in store for you!

Of course we must start with some party games!
(Don't worry, the food comes later)

If children enjoy education, their thirst for knowledge will not subside. With this in mind, involving your children with other children in some fun and educational games is a great choice. Party Games For Girls presents Games At A Mystery Party Children Will Love

Minds in Bloom treats us to more fun and games with their post: Three Great Games. Did I mention; playing games is important educational business for kids AND adults!

And what's a party without presents?
We have got lots of presents!
Let's begin with some "Educational Toys"

The Thinking Mother has begun a series of blog posts "My Experiences With and Theories About Learning Styles" and she shares with us Introduction to Series: My Experience With and Theories About Learning Styles

Do you love Charlotte Mason? Julee Huy explains why she does too, with her blogpost Why I Love Charlotte Mason posted over at Abundant Harvest

In our desire to inspire a love of learning, do homeschool parents go too far to make learning fun? Successful Homeschooling explores that question with Should Learning be Fun?

One day doesn't make an education. The day depicted here is a good one for all 3 kids. This Home School Dad shows us What happened in school today

Here you have a Question and Answer session on what neuroplasticity means and how to maintain and improve brain fitness - Alvaro Fernandez presents 15 FAQs on Neuroplasticity and Brain Fitness posted at SharpBrains.

Birthday books are always fun because ... well one can never have enough books! So here are a few Bookish Presents:

With another mom asking, "how much do you make your children read?" we are transported to a great discussion entitled Family of Readers over at No fighting, no biting!

A delightful discovery of the original Mary Poppins in literature is shared by My Domestic Church entitled Mary Poppins - a book review

We are going to skip on playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey and instead enjoy some other Animal and Nature presents:

First - let's give a warm welcome to a new Carnival participant who shares with us a nature exploration about watching a turtle nest excavation Turtle Nest Excavation in Hawai'i from Meadow Musings - Enjoy the pictures!

Marine Corps Nomads shares with us a post about their family's field trip to a local camel farm. Field Trip: Saihati Camel Farm is a really fun read! (Semper Fi!)

The Mommy Earth made some nature discoveries at their parents' house. Read about it here: The Mommy Earth: Nature Study -- Wild Berries and More

Science Presents - we have to have science presents! (Like these Test Tube Treats!)

Which solvent will hold the most solute? Which solute has the greater solubility? Chemistry Unit- Lesson 5 and 6 answers those questions over at It's a Boy's Life

NerdMom likes to play with toys and learn science (and who can blame her?) See her video post entitled A Little Science Fun! posted at Nerd Family

Shannon from Song of My Heart gives us some pointers on Cracking Geodes along with some wonderful photos.

Of Course you get FREE STUFF in your Party Favor/Goody Bags - so enjoy!

Susan asks, "What does the federal monies infusion mean to "open source" education, as homeschoolers know it?" She writes a very timely piece What does the “open source” education mean? posted at Corn and Oil

On the heels of the prior entry, Best Construction Management Degree presents 50 Free Open Courseware Classes for Architects!

More Free stuff is available at 25 Free Web Tools Every Student Should Use posted over at How To E-D-U

Here is some more Free Advice too:

Barbara Frank Online says: Parents and teens beware: college degrees will not be needed to snag most high-growth jobs of the future. She writes: Another Dirty Little Secret About College

Shawn Taylor presents Nanny Cam Top 5 Tips for Ensuring Children's Safety Using One posted at Hidden Surveillance Camera.com.

Let's not forget The All Important Gift of Family and Other Inspirations.

A Divine Calling…Musings on Motherhood blog states that “Me”-time is a myth…we will never find satisfaction in feeding our own souls. Only in God can we flourish in this season of mothering and successfully love and train these precious children that have been entrusted to us." Find out more by reading Mothering Myths – Part I – The Myth of “Me”-Time

Mothering as a Journey claims that "Parenting is not a duty. It is a privilege and and opportunity; A journey of self-discovery." You can find out more at that blog post on Inspiration for Mothers.com

Mrs. White shares with us what she does when she needs a miracle with Chalkboard Prayers posted at The Legacy of Home. (Chalkboards are NOT just for math problems!)

Janine from Why Homeschool shares a video of their little boy mimicking his oldest sister, and you can see it here at the post entitled "Our music prodigy"

Beautiful family, beautiful photos... Family Portrait Day posted at Texas Homesteader

A comic strip and a busy week in the life of one homeschooling family. Cristina presents Home Spun comic strip #408 posted at Home Spun Juggling. (Yeah - wear your pajamas)

Seasonally, we also can enjoy some Autumnal and Halloween presents:

I love fall and so does the Lesson Pathways Blog. There are some delightful ideas shared witht his post entitled Frugal Fall Family Fun

What could be more timely than this is a fun Halloween craft that Journey Into Unschooling recently created. It's an Embroidered Spider Web shown step-by step

Spice up your pumpkin carvings this season. Here are a few great looking free pumpkin templates for Halloween to help with designing your Halloween pumpkin carving - Pumpkin Templates for Halloween are shared with us at Home Life Weekly

Having trouble deciding on a costume for Trick or Treat? Problem solved: Here are 15 Books to Inspire Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas posted at Star Costumes Blog

What is not to like about this chocka blocka list of original Halloween crafts, party food, decorations, costume ideas ... and stencils to stamp and decorate anything under the sun including pumpkins! Check this out for a Happy & Fun Halloween. All is here. Crafty Rose presents Halloween 2009 posted at Fine Craft Guild .com

Annette Berlin loves craft projects that she can enjoy just as much as the kids do! This means that most of the time she skips making paper dolls and concentrates instead on open-ended projects like sculpture, painting and drawing. Here are a couple of her favorite projects, along with ways to modify them for several age groups… check out 5 Crafts You AND The Kids Will Love posted at Craft Stew

And NOW we get to the Party Food!

Wise_Bread presents 6 Healthy Snacks that Won't Break the Bank posted at Wisebread (So is candy corn a vegetable?)

Happy 200th COH!
I hope you enjoyed the party.
I had a wonderful time reading all of your posts!

Happy Reading, and Best Wishes To You All!
Make a wish and blow out those candles!


Rose fr FineCraftGuild.com said...

happy birthday to you
happy birthday
happy birthday
happy birthday
to YOU !!!!

I'll post a 'Happy Birthday' Card just for you today at my blog...

May you have a lovely, crafty year ahead of you, AND a funfilled day.


Barbara Frank said...

You throw a great party, Judy! Thanks for including me. And Happy Birthday to you! :)

jugglingpaynes said...

Thank you for including me and for taking this on for your birthday. It looks great!

Happy Birthday!!!

Devildogwife said...

You did a great job putting this together this week. Thanks for hosting! :)

Mrs. White said...

You did a beautiful job hosting this!

Mrs. White

Jenny said...

Great links!

Henry Cate said...

Happy Birthday!

Carol said...

I'm looking for homeschooling information. My granddaughter - 8 years old/third grade - diagnosed with leukemia 12/1/08. Because the chemo seriously affects her ability to fight germs - in addition to making her feel lousy, she missed the second half of second grade, and has only been able to attend about a week of third grade so far this year. Between the homebound program and her public school teachers there is no integration/continuity. With her low counts and all the germs around, she likely won't be able to return to school until January. So - we're looking for a good homeschool curriculum. Does anyone have some suggestions? She is getting further and further behind.

Alasandra said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Can't wait to join the party and read all the post.

Brain Training Advocate said...

Hey. Happy Birthday! And thanks for another great carnival post.


Mrs. White said...

Carol, here is an excellent program:


This is Christian Liberty Academy.

They will work with you and help you get just the right curriculum. I love them.

I hope your little sweetie gets better soon!!

Mrs. White in Vermont

Homeschool Mother said...

Happy belated birthday. I'm a day late. Loving the links.

Rachel L. said...

Wow, great carnival! Love the theme and so many terrific posts. Thanks for including mine!

Susan said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Judy! It was a good day on the day you were born, you trouble shooter you.

Thanks for doing the Carnival.

Carol, you should google your state and "homeschool" and look for a homeschool group online that can give you some information.

Mary said...

Happy Belated Birthday Judy! I meant to send along a post, but got tied up this week and realized I hadn't a post to send!

Great carnival-- you are a hard act to follow, but I'm hosting next week!

Carol J. Alexander said...

Thanks for the party Judy. I found a lot of good info and wonderful blogs.

John McGeough said...

Thanks for the wonderful issue of COH. What a great one for the 200th. I really appreciate your hard work.