Sunday, October 4, 2009

Continental Congress Vote Is October 10th

Continental Congress 2009. CC2009 will be an historic assembly of citizens from all 50 states convening to document a formal record for the People of our government's vast violations of the Constitution and to develop a plan of action to to fight back, restore Constitutional Order and reclaim the Light of Liberty.

The Continental Congress is a real citizen level effort to restore our Constitutional Republic.

From Constitution
A second constitutional convention is necessary because, through the years, numerous changes to how our government functions have occurred without amendment. Furthermore, there are a number of issues presently facing our Nation that should be addressed by our Constitution and are not. While these two reasons alone justify holding a second constitutional convention, they are not the most compelling reasons for doing so.

The fact that our government as a matter of routine practice violates constitutional precept is beyond question. All else follows as a matter of course and to think otherwise defies logic and reason. The fact that our government is presently functioning in violation of our Constitution makes a second constitutional convention necessary. However, the consequences associated with this state of affairs makes having one important beyond all other considerations.

On October 10th, across the United states there will be elections for state delegates to the Continental Congress. Check out your State's details on candidates and polling places. There are also voting instructions.

In Connecticut, there will be a polling place open at the American Legion Post 75 located at 58 Bernie O'Rourke Drive in Middletown, CT 06457 from 10 am to 4 pm, and 3 delegates will be chosen from five nominees.

After 3 delegates are selected from each state, they will assemble at the Pheasant Run Conference Center in St. Charles, IL on Nov. 9th through the 22nd.. Their mission and purpose: They will decide what peaceful, legal steps can be taken to bring about compliance with our Freedom documents.

Meanwhile - CC2009 is raising money to convene the Continental Congress - support Liberty and donate today.

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Bill Walker said...

A couple of comments. First of all how can these delegates be said to represent the people when who is seeking election wasn't even reviewed by them through a primary election? How can you have a state represented by having only one election site in the entire state?

Putting aside the obvious fact this is nothing more than an overblown private political meeting which is not going to do a thing, why is it when these "delegates" are contacted, they refuse to respond if someone disagrees with them?

Putting that aside, how can this "Congress" say it supports the Constitution then states "defend" not "amend" the Constitution. Obviously it opposes obeying Article V meaning it supports scrapping the Constitution. If you have a beef with the government and want that government changed, the Constitution says you either elect them out or amend the document so you can change how they operate. This "Congress" opposes both.

All this is going to be is Bob Schultz leading a bunch of people down his already disproved and discredit "First Amendment" petition which, if the real Congress does accept it, and that means getting at least one real member of Congress to present it, will be a short line in the Congressional Record.

Oppose this with an Article V Convention. The Constitution mandates it must be held if the states apply for one. It mandates it can authorize actual proposed changes in our form of government. It mandates they must be considered for actual ratification to our Constitution. In short, it is a viable, legal, constitutional means of change controlled by the people and not Congress. It is the only such means of change, not some bogus "Congress".

All 50 states have submitted 750 applications for a convention. This means Congress must call. The applications can be read at Stop deluding yourselves and join the only movement capable of actually achieving what you want--real change in the government.

Judy Aron said...

CC2009 is not seeking to change or amend the Constitution...rather to work within the existing framework. You clearly have not looked into Continental Congress nor do you understand what it is really about, but I respect your right to disagree with it and not participate and to support some other initiative. Pity though, that you have to denigrate a different point of view as you have.

The point rather - is that there are many initiatives going on to try to block the tyranny facing this country and the steady erosion of our rights. People in the Liberty movement understand that we have a government of elected officials who are ignoring their oath of office, and making laws which violate our Constitution. There are different ways to combat this - one is a Continental Congress, another is the Tenth Amendment movement and State sovereignty initiatives, another is the introduction of sound money bills into state legislatures, and another is the End the Fed movement... and there are more. One thing I do know is that we ought to be working together instead of discrediting one or another initiative.

You may not agree with CC2009 - and that's fine - there are many others that do.