Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Dollar Continues To Slide

It's not a pretty picture.
How's that "Hope and Change" working out again?

Green Shoots you say?



John said...

It's troubling that you seem to take so much pleasure in a crumbling economy. Even if the reality of the situation is proving your thesis, isn't it a tad cynical to be celebrating your pessimism? I thought we all learned in kindergarten that it is impolite to proclaim, "I told you so."

Judy Aron said...

John - You think seeing this economy crumble gives me pleasure? It doesn't. Not at all. I think it's horrible and miserable. Our great Republic is dying. People are suffering and it will get worse on the present course that we are on. You can thank your elected officials and this idiot president and his predecessor for that too.

The really insanity is that it can be stopped. But no... the government and its banksters are only interested in growing itself and stealing our wealth through inflation and taxation.

"I told you so" has nothing to do with it except that people in Washington and their moronic Keynesian advisors are not listening - and have not been listening. They have another agenda.

Instead of chastising me - you ought to be writing to them.

You know what I learned in kindergarten John?
Tell the truth.
I am.
People deserve to know what is really going on instead of hearing the candy coated BS from cable TV.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Good response, Judy.
I am not the least bit happy nor do I feel vindicated when I see such graphs. Rather I wonder how long the people of this country will keep buying the lies and how long we have until untold misery and the loss of the Republic are inevevitable.

By telling the truth about it, you are working to stave off that day and give us all time to do something about it.