Friday, October 2, 2009

More Excuses About Not Reading The Bill

So what is wrong with this picture?
Can't read the bill, it's too long, poorly written, don't understand what the words mean but, "Yes" I will vote on it???
Is this guy for real?

This is such an embarrassment for the American People.
What is wrong with these elected "representatives".
They ought to be might ashamed of themselves - as should we for electing them to office.
How could these lawmakers possibly be enacting such broad sweeping reform without knowing what they are voting for or against?
It's plain nauseating.

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One commenter "Papa Ray" penned this Help Wanted Ad for Congressmen and Senators:
"Help Wanted: Work 5 days per week (travel Monday and Friday) for part of the year. No vacation, just several long recesses. Responsibilities include showing up, and voting party lines as you are told. Ability to read, write or think not required. Excellent benefits, hardly no turn-over, more staff than needed, fantastic pay, and significant other tax free revenue opportunities may become available just by looking the other way. Prestigious location, and great offices! Employer supplied transportation to exotic locations around the world. Opportunities to make additional money abound from "special interest groups". Opportunities to get special favor from banks, financial institutions, unions and retail and wholesale corporations. Guaranteed employment for at least eight years. Assistance in maintaining job for many years to come.

(H/T David A.)