Monday, October 12, 2009

Stores Accepting Real Money

Believe it or not, there are stores popping up across the country that are only accepting gold or silver for payment of goods. If you don't have gold or silver you can exchange your Federal Reserve Notes for metals in special vending machines. These vending machines have been seen in places like Germany, as well.

But check this out from the Ridley Report via the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance:

Check this out:

The American Open Currency Standard is fast becoming the standard for honest trade. (Interesting interview with Rob Gray here)

They even offer a directory of businesses and other establishments that will do business in real money.

Why AOCS Silver and Gold?

It's Inflation Proof:
AOCS Silver and Gold is 99.9% pure crafted & redeemable silver and gold, so it protects your money from inflation.

It's Profitable:
AOCS Silver puts people first, so you get money at a discountand use it at a profit (like the banks do)

It's Voluntary:
You can spend AOCS silver anywhere it is accepted, voluntarily, as a positive, proactive, and peaceful solution to inflation.

It's Legal:
There is no law against AOCS Silver and the US Treasury has acknowledged that it is "legitimate".

It's Good for The Community:
AOCS Silver spent in the community, stays in the community!