Friday, October 9, 2009

US Treasury Market In Trouble

At the last auction, the only purchasers of the Treasuries was the Federal Reserve Banks (thereby monetizing our debt) and the other G-8 central banks that all want to convert to the IMF Currency. The US can not even sell $12 Billion. But wait - just wait until China and Japan show up to unload their Thousands of Billions of Treasuries at the weekly auction.

As the dollar sinks it will be time for everyone holding our debt to unload it before they lose more of their money.... Unfortunately no one will want to buy it. Then guess what happens.

You are witnessing a deliberate orchestration of the destruction of our currency and of our markets in order to turn the US financial system over to the International Monetary Fund and world banksters. Umm.... I mean bankers.

Folks - we have tent cities in Seattle.
We have Detroit unable to bury their dead.
States are going bankrupt.
We have eroded our manufacturing base.
We have people flocking to get "free money" from the government.
Unemployment is over 20% in some areas, with people being out of work for over a year.
Job losses continue to mount.
Businesses are closing their doors.
Commercial real estate is teetering on collapse.
Over 100 bank failures this year alone with the FDIC broke.
Green Shoots? You gotta be kidding me.

Meanwhile, our government is spending more - and Congress looks like it is planning to sign us all up for government healthcare which our treasury cannot afford and which will be as badly run as other government programs! We are broke and printing money like maniacs.

Do you not see thew writing on the wall?

It isn't terrorists or being dependent on Saudi/Arab oil we ought to worry about - it is being dependent on China and everyone else buying our debt, and they have finally caught on that we cannot ever pay them back.

The party is quite over.

There is a reason why Gold and Silver are rising in price, and people (including the Chinese) are flocking to purchase these metals. They are dumping dollars that are losing value and buying power, and protecting their assets in the process.

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