Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Global Warming Fraud - A Really Inconvenient Truth

Well it looks like the Climate Change Cat (at least , the anthropogenic global warming, AGW, theory) is really out of the bag: and just in time for the Copenhagen Summit.

Here's a great article
about the fraud perpetrated on everyone in order to line certain people's pockets.
Russian computer hackers have published emails and source code from the UN-affiliated Climate Research Unit showing profound corruption, fraud, and criminal activity. What's really behind the Copenhagen treaty?

Recently, Russian hackers published over 160mb of scientific emails and source code taken from the primary 'climate research unit' -- the University of East Anglia, which is the center of UN/IPCC-promoted global warming alarmism. What the emails and data prove is shocking, and may represent the greatest scandal in the history of science...

Here is a small sample of the underlying political agenda: Billions in new taxes, International regulatory control under the UN, Goldman Sachs/CCX carbon trading, Obliteration of national sovereignty, extreme forced austerity and reduction of the standard of living, deindustrialization of the First World countries, and implementation of Orwellian state policies for the purposes of "carbon tracking". The science does not matter -- the politics does.

In the emails, these UN-funded scientists talk about deleting data under FOIA request, faking data for journals such as Nature, conspiring to keep opposing science out of peer-reviewed journals (which they controlled the editorial boards), using "tricks" to "hide the cooling [period]" etc.

A picture emerges of big science funded to the tune of billions of dollars for the purposes of an underlying international political agenda. The degree of collusion between big media, the UN, and corrupted scientists involved in frank criminal activity is deeply disturbing. As I have detailed before, the purpose here is a political one. Global warming, or now abstractly identified as 'climate change', has been chosen by international banks and think tanks as the method of induction of vast political and social engineering never before seen in the history of the world.

The blogpost hits on the following aspects and reasons behind AGW climate change fraud and its political ramifications:

Global Warming and Orwellian State Policy
Global Warming and New Taxes
Global Warming and Personal Autonomy
Global Warming and Forced Austerity
Global Warming and Systemic Financial Fraud
Scientific corruption at the highest levels
Climate Research Unit FORTRAN code backs up claims of fraud and corruption

So tell me, how is it that this AGW 'global warming' nonsense (i.e. cow farts are making the Earth hotter, etc.) has permeated every aspect of civilization on our planet, and so many people have become so obsessed with it (even compelled to buy mercury laden light bulb curls and bringing their own bags to supermarkets to carry home the groceries), and claiming global warming as the biggest issue facing mankind, and yet now it has finally been revealed that the evidence supporting the claims by Al Gore etc. has been fabricated, falsified and that the truth has been withheld?

Where is the outrage?
Why is this not front page news on every newspaper worldwide?
Instead, we see media sources running damage control stories!
(And they wonder why newspaper revenues are down?? Who flippin' believes what they write anymore?)

The disgrace is that:
-So-called "scientists" have perpetrated a huge lie for political and financial gain
-Portions of the scientific community have been silenced.
-Public policy has been initiated that is costing the taxpayer billions!

Thank goodness there are scientists, and others, who insisted on fact and worked to expose the truth.

(H/T Project Mayhem and Zerohedge)