Thursday, November 12, 2009

Judge Napolitano - Nov 10, 2009 - Pt 1 of 6

Listen up class.....

Nullification.... it's coming.

Part 2

Hahahaha ... the young people who voted for Obama will get soaked with Obama's health-care legislation! Suckers... If this legislative mess passes through the Senate, they get to pay through the nose to pay for everyone else's healthcare! Gen X and Y'ers will be working 5 jobs now.... good luck finding those jobs too.

Part 3

Newspapers will now become non-profits - because they no longer make profits! When newspapers get bailed out by government you can be sure to have real fair and balanced news reporting (wink)

Part 4

The people in government and the military who knew that the Ft. Hood shooter was a ticking time bomb are to blame for those who were murdered as a result of his shooting rampage. Someone (or more than one someone) should be held accountable. Why was this guy promoted?

Part 5

News sites (like Indymedia) being asked/forced to hand over information about the visitors to their websites to the Feds?? Wow.. totalitarian snooping at its worst. Definite Violation of the Constitution.

Part 6

Judge Napolitano for President 2012!