Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time - "Person Of The Year"

As if anyone actually cares who Time Magazine picks anymore ... they have chosen Ben "Print More Money" Bernanke - Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Interest rates are at 0%
Unemployment at 17.2%
National Debt is over 12 trillion and we have exceeded our debt ceiling.
The US economy is being destroyed by the Fed's insane monetary policy (and Congress allows it).
The FDIC in 2010 plans to add more than 1,600 staffers, mostly to handle bank failures.
Citizens are being bankrupted and millions are becoming destitute and losing their homes.
The dollar is weak and being printed at warp speed.
The Fed has monetized our debt and given money to heaven knows who.
Yeah, I guess that qualifies for some sort of award.

It appears that being chosen "Person of the Year" is about as important as getting a Nobel Peace prize nowadays, especially when Peace Prizes are doled out to people like Barack O'Bomba after sending 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan (while his Congress holds back needed funding for said troops) - sorta takes the whole "Peace" part out of the Peace prize... but I digress...

With regard to Time's "Person of the Year" - the real truth is this:

Bernanke is up for confirmation on being kept on as Fed Chair.
Let's connect the dots here - Time is owned by Time Warner. The Former CEO and director, Dick Parsons, is an Obama adviser. Obama wants "Zimbabwe" Ben re-confirmed.
No surprise.
It's more of that Hope and Change stuff - you know "No more business as usual". (Hah!)

Bernanke leads the most secretive, corrupt, and profitable banking cartel in the world - The Federal Reserve - (Read The Creature from Jekyll Island). Bernanke really ought to have been named "Bankster of the Year".


"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who writes its laws" - Maier Amschel Rothschild