Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In the World

Switzerland does not maintain a military force as we do in the U.S., rather they have provided a well-armed, well-trained home militia that can be mobilized at virtually a moment's notice. That is what this country used to have. A militia is for DEFENSIVE purposes only, in contrast to our military force which is used for OFFENSIVE purposes (and also used to police the world). Imagine the annual savings we would realize if we eliminated the vast military-industrial complex in this country.

Being able to defend oneself and one's property versus being a victim...
If most people carried a gun or had one at home, then criminals might be less emboldened to invade you house or assault you in broad daylight. If criminals know that most people are unarmed, or afraid of guns, then thugs wouldn't give breaking into your house or mugging you a second thought.

"The key to freedom is to be able to have the ability to defend yourself".

On the flip side - look what happens when a country bans handguns.


David X said...

Judy, of course Switzerland also instituted compulsory military service to ensure that the militia is properly trained and indoctrinated. The voluntary National Guard once served this purpose before the Federal Government hijacked it and preempted state's rights.

Nevertheless, I think citizens should be armed and required to undergo some basic police training.

David X said...

BTW: I agree with Ron Paul that gun prohibition laws amount to a prohibition on self defense.

LL said...

The military industrial complex means JOBS for America and the sad truth is that really cool war machines are just about all that we produce in America for export. Much of everything else is made in Asia, the Asian Subcontinent (India) or Mexico.

But your point on an armed society is key to personal safety and remaining a sovereign individual.

Anonymous said...

We live in the Cayman Islands - citizens are not allowed to own guns. Guess who has them - the criminals of course! The "land that time forgot" was isolated and virtually crime free for so many years. But now...times are a-changing, and gangs and drug culture are moving in, smuggling in their guns along with them.