Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Dumped Dodd

Congratulations Connecticut!
Congratulations CT Tea Partiers!

We DID it!
No amount of spin or damage control was going to change the polls showing Dodd what we thought of his lies and arrogance towards his constituents.

That coward Dodd was afraid to face the voters in November's elections.
Good riddance.

In my opinion, Dodd ought to share a jail cell with Bernie Madoff after what he did to create the financial mess our country is in. He was too busy in his narcissistic run for the presidency to have the interests of his constituents in Connecticut, or the financial welfare of the people of this country in mind. Shame on him. But that's what you get with career politicians who have no interest but self interest.

Dodd is history.
His reign of elitism and arrogance is OVAH!
Let's move on.

As for Blumenthal... Connecticut does NOT need another egotistical lawyer in Washington DC! He has no care for the people of this state as he spends his time on lawsuits that do nothing but put him in the national spotlight and cost us millions. Don't get between him and a camera.

The only clear choice in this Senatorial race in Connecticut is Peter Schiff. It is despicable how the media has been blatantly ignoring him in their reports... as if McMahon and Simmons are the only Republicans running. They aren't. There is another choice.

But here are some things every voter should know about these two "Republicans"...

According to records, McMahon donated $15,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, $13,000 to Democratic Gov. Mark Warner’s campaign and the campaign of Senator Joe Lieberman (a Democrat until the 2006 election when he became an Independent). The most alarming Democrat donation, though, was to Obama’s bulldog, Rahm Emanuel. The McMahon’s donated $7,800 to Emanuel’s leadership PAC. She is a classic RINO who has the audacity to think she can just buy herself a Senate seat with her millions. Voters in CT should just take her daily slick mail adverts and toss them in the trash. She cannot be trusted.

Rob Simmons was a co-sponsor of Cap and Trade legislation and also took away many of our liberties with the Patriot Act (erosion of 4th amendment rights). He voted in support of McCain-Feingold which limits 1st amendment speech. He voted YES on prohibiting oil drilling and development in ANWR. The way he is pretending to be a "Liberty candidate" is laughable as he waves around a US Constitution and a teabag as he tours the state... what a joke. He already did his time in Congress, and he seriously needs to retire. We need new blood - and someone with fresh ideas and someone who actually will protect and defend our Constitutional rights.

We need a real constitutional conservative in Congress, not a poser. We need one who understands monetary policy and who would take his oath of office to protect and defend our constitutional rights very seriously.

Peter Schiff is that person.