Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Did Stack Do It?

Desperate times create desperate people.

In Austin, Texas, Joe Stack burned his house down and then flew a plane into a building that housed offices of the IRS.

Here is his suicide note
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This whole thing was so incredibly tragic - but the message was clear:
Joe Stack didn't want to live the life of a slave.
Guaranteed there are many more who feel like this guy; they feel that they have lost everything - they feel they can't do a damn thing to get ahead or to keep from being pushed further down the hole by government rules and government agencies.

I don't view Stack as being justified in his actions at all. It was criminal, and always is criminal, to take the lives of other innocent people just because you are desperate, discouraged, or angry.

What we have to take away from this is that we have an enormous problem with the way our government treats its citizens, especially in the manner in which they take our wealth from us and take advantage of us and ignore us. In his suicide note he speaks of double standards and hypocritical politicians and a government that abuses its authority. He was right about that. His solution to deal with that problem was totally wrong. There ARE other ways.

I truly feel sorry for this man, but more than that, I fear that his feeling of desperation is growing in this country, and I truly fear that this is not the last we'll see of this kind of action. What's worse is how political factions will spin this story to suit their own needs. Joe Stack will suddenly become "a crack-pot tea partier" or "religious nut" or some other epithet used by the pundits. The fact is, he was probably a regular guy who simply got fed up with being treated like crap. He had had enough.

This kind of desperation is not going to be fixed by a Jobs Summit, or another Stimulus plan, or wealth redistribution schemes .... it will be fixed when we can have an ethical government run by people who respect the Rule of Law and who do not routinely loot its citizens so that its elitist politicians can spend that hard earned money foolishly and without a thought except for their own political careers.

It's a tragedy all around.


Mike J. said...

You shall not steal

You shall not murder

2 wrongs don't make a right

mrs dani said...

MIke J.

I believe she made that quite clear in this post.

Nopartisan said...

You should read his manifesto. Anti corporate pro illegal immigrant, anti catholic, believed in government healthcare, felt capitalism was slavery and on and on. HE WAS A FAR LEFT LOON. Read the end of his manifesto,he quoted the communist creed and coined his own anti capitalist creed. He was a left wing domestic terrorist. But mostly he was a murderer. To even try to excuse his actions is pathetic.

Judy Aron said...

I did not at any point in this post excuse his actions.

No matter what his political leanings - he clearly was frustrated and desperate, and my point is that many people in this country are feeling the same way, and unfortunately some will resort to violence.

You may call it terrorism, you may call it lunacy... but it is a symptom and a result of a much bigger problem in this country.

Miss Roxie said...

It's sad that Mr. Stack did not realize that things are not going to change. Things are just going to shift back and forth and we must all find ways to survive in it.

In all his moving, it is sad that Mr. Stack did not think of moving to another country since he was so burdened with this one so much.

Anonymous said...

Apparently he was bent out of shape because he couldn't claim his home as a church, to begin with. And the part of the tax code he quoted is one that is favored by people who do not want government regulation of businesses, a successful attempt to depress the earnings of IT workers and engineers and deny them standard benefits like health insurance, vacation, sick leave, retirement plans. And his "manifesto" is so garbled that it's not clear what his political views are: just that he's very, very angry. He had a plane and a house almost three times the size of mine: he wasn't a slave. We do know this: his wife took her daughter to a hotel for the night (maybe things were a little stressful at home?), and got back home the next morning to find their house in flames. Sounds like retaliation to me: he made sure that his family wouldn't have a house before he went on his "mission" to the IRS: who knows how many people he hoped to kill. Just my two cents...


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>2 wrongs don't make a right

No, but as anyone who ever listened to Conception Corporation's parody of "Desiderata" knows; 3 do.

CT4Conservative said...

Joe Stack does not represent nor embody the Tea Party movement. We are about restoring the values that provide freedom, he supported those values which supplant it with tyranny. Real conservatives and Tea Party Candidates like Rick Torres here in the CT4 speak for people like me, real conservatives. Not Joe Stack.