Thursday, March 25, 2010

Congress Members Request Extra Security

Steny Hoyer is an idiot - we don't live in a Democracy - it's a Republic. Perhaps that is his problem - he doesn't understand our government. But I digress.

Ok - Let me start by saying that I don't personally condone violence and I also believe in defending oneself. I also believe in voicing one's opinion.

I think these Congressmen are a bunch of whiny wusses, and honestly it is very apparent that they are trying very hard to demonize their opposition, and I'd be willing to bet any of the "alleged attacks" were probably done by SEIU members to discredit the Tea Party Movement and Conservatives in general. That wouldn't surprise me at all. And even if there were some radicals in the anti-Obamacare, anti-Progressive Agenda bunch, the rest of us are NOT all guilty by association. I didn't throw a brick through the windows of Democrat offices. But you know what? Maybe this is a wake up call to those arrogant Socialist lawmakers.

But I also find it interesting that citizens can not engage in violence on politicians, but politicians can send in the police and IRS agents to arrest and harass and beat up citizens for not complying with their laws.

Did these Congressional Bozos honestly think that their actions of ignoring the will of the people wasn't going to produce some sort of blowback? and where were the protestations of these holier than thou Democrats when Left Wingers were threatening Conservatives and getting beat up by SEIU union thugs? Give me a break! What a bunch of whining hypocrites!

These people expect that after taking huge bribes to buy their votes on legislation most people didn't want, that there wasn't going to be some type of reaction?
This is such nonsense. The criminal behavior stems from elected representatives who flouted the will of their people and despite all appeals and protests in passing such an ignominious BILL, they did it anyway. Buy-offs, secret deals and now they come crying to the media about an angry population of citizens who are hassling them....Please,they've done enough damage. I suspect the majority of them didn't/couldn't read the bill but with emotional ideals and deaf ears, they carried on anyway oblivious to the will of the people. They should be indicted for their stupidity, arrogance and deceit, not protected. - "shuleba" commented on Daily Paul.

Finally, I think these politicians would all be wise to consider this from their beloved Ted's brother:
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy