Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The CT Republican Senate Debate - Or Not

Ok, so the CT Republican Senate debate wasn't exactly electrifying... but what did you expect from a dreary Hartford Courant format of a series of lackluster questions with a 1 minute response from each candidate, and a followup 1 minute rebuttal (which was not really a rebuttal at all)? Brent Hardin did a nice job of MC'ing - but gee whiz, he had very little decent material to work with. My goodness, they didn't even have the decency to have an American or Connecticut flag on stage - just some "gawd awful" fake greenery on the sidelines.

Two questions about the economy - Two about the War in the Middle East - Two about healthcare - and a two minute wrap up by each candidate (Yawn).

Linda McMahon spoke about creating jobs - but she wants to do it with more government and "incentivizing" small business with tax breaks and other government help. She supported TARP. Her spiel was mostly what you read in her millions of fold out flyers - so she did a good job memorizing them all, and of course we heard more about "her tough hard knock life" before she became a gazillionaire, and how she employs 500 people in CT (She didn't mention how many of them are on steroids though). She made a few humorous cracks - I will give her points for that - especially about having a "Smackdown in Congress".

Rob Simmons - was well, .... Rob Simmons. War veteran, CIA spook, and Perennial civil servant and all around nice guy. He's seen the Conservative light! Thank goodness he didn't pull out a copy of the Constitution from his breast pocket. He's now against bailouts and has even signed a pledge not to support legislation that raises taxes! Awww... how nice. We wish he'd a done that when he was in Congress before, because what we are dealing with now is the result of legislation of Congresses past. He helped create the huge government monster Peter Schiff has been railing against.

Peter Schiff was great, and stayed on point about government growing like a cancer and sucking the blood out of the taxpayer. He spoke about the real root causes of our problems, namely a government growing out of control, too much regulation on business and the asphyxiation of the free markets and capital investment. From healthcare to jobs - the source of the problem is too much government. What else is there to say? And what will he do as Senator? Put an end to growing government - slash spending - lower taxes - have the military do what it is supposed to do; protect America and its citizens. He got his points across to the delight of his followers in the audience who filled the room with a loud chant of "Pe-ter, Pe-ter, Pe-ter, Pe-ter..." at least twice in the evening's proceedings.

In terms of a debate - there was none really. They all seemed to agree that we need to create more jobs; that small businesses are the engine of the economy; that government is too big; that we should stop Iran from nuclearizing, and that we shouldn't have single payer government run healthcare.

OK so what makes these candidates different?

Simmons is a career politician - we don't need anymore of those. He just wants to go back to Washington. I guess he misses the cherry blossom festival in the spring and the parties.

McMahon is the fabulously rich businesswoman who wants to help the "little people" and thinks we'll all believe that her motives are non-political. She said she doesn't need a job or a hobby, maybe it's prestige she's after.

Schiff clearly stands out as the one who has true economic and business acumen and the one who truly understands the boundaries of the Constitution. He is really looking to change Washington because he isn't going there to get along or compromise his beliefs. He plans to educate the people who populate the hallowed halls of Congress and he is not a typical tell you what you want to hear politician. As a businessman, economist and financial forecaster he knows what will fix our economy.

Here is a sampling: (H/T Radio Vice Online)

And so it goes.

Oh, and yes, there was another candidate who was not invited to the debate.
Vincent Forras.
What a shame.

While I admit I do support Peter Schiff, I also believe that all Republican candidates should have been included in Tuesday night's debate.
But - it was a Hartford Courant production .... need I say more?