Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CT Residents - Write Or Petition Blumenthal To Sue The Federal Government

We need to start a letter writing and petition signing campaign in Connecticut aimed at Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to demand that he join in the lawsuits against unconstitutional Obamacare.

The Greenwich Times says:
Despite a reputation for being the quintessential activist attorney general who has sued Big Tobacco, Microsoft, defectors from the Big East athletic conference and the federal government over No Child Left Behind, Connecticut's Richard Blumenthal isn't about to mess with Obamacare.

The party favorite to replace fellow Democrat Chris Dodd in the Senate, Blumenthal put out a statement Monday hailing the passage of a $940 billion health care expansion bill late Sunday night by the U.S. House in a party line vote that has inflamed his counterparts in many states.

Virginia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Pennsylvania and Washington have all threatened to sue the federal government over the legislation, which their attorneys general said places an unconstitutional mandate on all Americans to buy health insurance.
The Federal Government cannot mandate that you buy health insurance! or any other product for that matter!
The powers given to them in the US Constitution says nothing about them controlling or legislating healthcare. Our state and its residents and its businesses will be financially harmed by this legislation.

Blumenthal's political party affiliation should have NO bearing whatsoever in pursuing the interests of the State of Connecticut and its Rights guaranteed to it by the Tenth Amendment! If Blumenthal's political party affiliation is interfering with carrying out his duties to protect our State's Rights then he should be impeached.
The Attorney General shall have general supervision over all legal matters in which the state is an interested party
Right now we do have a Tenth Amendment Resolution (Known by its official number, House Joint Resolution No. 65) in the CT Legislature - but it's gone nowhere since the public hearing on March 17th in the GAE Committee. Shame on them! CT citizens should be contacting the CT Legislature to push for this resolution's passage - as well as real legislation to nullify unconstitutional Federal law; which, so far, the Government Administrations and Elections Committee (GAE) has declined to raise. Again, shame on them!

Demand that Blumenthal join the lawsuits put forth by other states!
Write/Call him today!

Office of the Attorney General
55 Elm Street
Hartford, Connecticut

Telephone: (860) 808-5318

Also Demand that our Tenth Amendment Resolution be passed !
Contact the
Government Administrations and Elections Committee
Room 2200, Legislative Office Building
Hartford, CT 06106
Phone: 860-240-0480

Help preserve State's Rights from an over reaching and out of control Federal Government.

And where, oh where, is our absent Governor on this?