Friday, March 5, 2010

CT Tenth Amendment Update

Connecticut Grassroots Alliance Update on the Tenth Amendment Legislation

On the day of our news conference, Senator Gayle Schlossberg, Chairman of the Government Administration and Elections Committee, agreed to raise the Tenth Amendment Resolution for a public hearing. Since that time, the GAE Committee has held or scheduled two public hearings, neither of which had on the agenda the Tenth Amendment legislation.

The GAE Committee’s deadline for voting on bills raised is March 16. That means that the Committee has to have held a public hearing on any bills that it will be voting on prior to March 16. The question remains: Will Senator Schlossberg keep her promise and schedule another public hearing before March 16 that has on the agenda our Tenth Amendment resolution?

Senator Schlossberg needs to answer that question – hopefully with a resounding yes.

All Connecticut citizens are invited to call and/or email her every day starting today and ask her that question until we get an answer. Keep in mind that we are still trying to persuade her to do the right thing.

Senator Schlossberg can be reached at: Slossberg(at)

Capitol Phone: 860-240-0482, or toll-free 
Home Phone: 203-878-6412

Her district encompasses Milford, Orange, and West Haven. If you know anyone who lives in her district who can contact her, it would be of great benefit, as legislators listen best to their own constituents.

You can also contact the other Co-Chair of the GAE Committee and ask for his support as well. He is Rep. James Spallone. He can be reached at: James.Spallone(at)

1.800.842.8267 | 860.240.8585 District number: 860.767.8615

His district encompasses Chester, Deep River, Essex and Haddam.

Let us know what responses, if any, you receive.

Deborah Stevenson, dgs31(at)yahoo(dot)com, (860)354-3590
Estelle Stevenson, estellestevenson(at)prudentialct(dot)com
Vivian Rockwell Nasiatka, nonienergy(at)sbcglobal(dot)net