Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Going Nuclear

Seems like it isn't just Iran's Ahmadinejad's nuclear threat that we have to worry about... it appears that we have our own nuclear threat* in Washington DC as the Democrat majority plan to cram this miserable healthcare bill down our throats.

(* - "Reconciliation" rules requiring only 51 Senate votes to pass the "fix" to the Senate bill, as opposed to the 60 votes to stop a filibuster and proceed to a vote on a bill.)

Obama, Pelosi and Reid are seemingly willing to fall on their own swords in order to get government run healthcare in this country - even while these same healthcare schemes have failed miserably in Europe. (Here is just one story)

You want to see reconciliation?

Reconcile this:

It can pretty much be guaranteed that if they go this route, the American people will act in kind by having a "Total Extreme Congressional make-over" with November elections. (I wonder if we can get Ty Pennington to do the carpentry for the ballot boxes?)

(Hint: Over 23 states are already lined up to take this legislation to the courts and have it deemed unconstitutional, which it is, and thereby get it killed before it takes effect in 2013)