Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Peter Schiff - Money Bomb Today!

Tuesday, March 23rd, is - Peter Schiff's - birthday.

He turns 47 this year!

His brother Andrew created an online birthday card for Peter's supporters to sign and wish him well. Peter enjoys hearing from his supporters, and we all know that he will be excited to read each and every comment on his card.

After you sign the birthday card, you will have the opportunity to make a contribution to Peter's campaign. I hope you'll consider donating $47, $470 or even $4,700 to help him mark Tuesday's milestone and bring him one step closer to the U.S. Senate.

Peter is the most level-headed and forward thinking individual in this CT Senate race.

Peter will NOT cave to the special interests that run Washington or trade his vote in exchange for entry into the insiders' club. Peter is not a politician by any means; he is a patriot. He is running because he has the skills necessary to fix America's most pressing problem - the economy.

Please join me in wishing Peter a happy birthday, and let's help send him to Washington with a donation now and your vote this November.