Monday, March 1, 2010

How Linda McMahon Spends Her Money

Just when you think the McMahon campaign has run out of ways to have you open their campaign brochures, another one comes in the mail.

I must have received about 25 of these long winded - say nothing - landfill clogging pieces of garbage in my mailbox already.

I figure if this is how she spends her own "hard earned money" (as she often points out how she understands how tough it is for struggling people nowadays, because she's "been there")... then I really wonder how she'll spend OURS as a US Senator!

As far as I can see, she has run the most wasteful campaign to date. She is spending buckets of money on these stupid mailers that say things like "She'll get control of spending and stop government from running up debt"! Hah! Look at how she is spending her own money! It is just unbelievable the amount of trash she is sending out to every household in Connecticut!

She has demonstrated to me tenfold (or as many other ways you can fold) how irresponsible she would be as our Senator! And on many of the issues she is simply clueless. I heard several times in her Q and A sessions "I'll have to research that and get back to you" as a reply.

But other than that, let's dig deeper into her previous spending habits:

According to records, McMahon donated $15,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, $13,000 to Democratic Gov. Mark Warner’s campaign and the campaign of Senator Joe Lieberman (a Democrat until the 2006 election when he became an Independent). The most alarming Democrat donation, though, was to Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. The McMahon’s donated $7,800 to Emanuel’s leadership PAC. She contributed three times to Emanuel's campaigns and $2,500 to his political action committee, and she tried to explain that away saying Emanuel's brother has a business relationship with professional wrestling and that she gave far more money to Republicans. Open Secrets says that 44% of her donations have gone to Democrats.

It truly makes me wonder if this "FORE" (Friend of Rahm Emanuel) was possibly encouraged by the Obama people to run for Senator in CT. It is obvious that McMahon is a classic Republican In Name Only.

Not only that but, according to these reports on Ameriborn News:
Since Entering The Race, McMahon Has Contributed Approximately $27,000 To Local Connecticut Republicans In The Past Few Months In Attempts To Buy Support. “Since entering the race, however, Ms. McMahon has been generous in showering money on Republicans candidates and organizations in Connecticut. From the beginning of August to now, she contributed nearly $17,000 to Republican Town Committees and more than $10,000 to individual candidates. That is on the top of the $30,000 she gave the National Republican Senatorial Committee a few months ago.” (Raymond Hernandez, “Newcomer Stirs Up Connecticut Senate Race,” The New York Times, 12/31/09)

Preston Town Committee Chair Rejected A Donation Because “It Kind Of Feels Like They Were Trying To Buy Our Vote.” “John Moulson, the chairman of the Republican Town Committee in Preston in southeastern Connecticut, said the committee rejected a donation offered by Ms. McMahon’s campaign. ‘We didn’t want to feel we were beholden to her,’ Mr. Moulson said. ‘It kind of feels like they were trying to buy our vote. It’s as simple as that. I would feel the same way if it was Simmons offering the money.’” (Raymond Hernandez, “Newcomer Stirs Up Connecticut Senate Race,” The New York Times, 12/31/09)

That's pretty scummy of McMahon, and as a result there lingers questions of how many of these people were possibly "bought". Kudos to Mr. Moulson for his stand against possible vote buying.

As for her voting record on the State Board of Education: This "anti big government spending" candidate has never met a government spending program she didn't like as she has voted YES on obtaining grants from programs like "Race To The Top", which will cost American tax payers billions. And she claims to want to shrink government spending??? (UPDATE: Stamford Advocate wrote this)

In her mailers she talks about how wrong the stimulus was - and that stimulus should have been given to small business instead! Hello..??? stimulus spending shouldn't have been given to anyone! Stimulus spending is contributing to bankrupting this country!

So here is a candidate who talks a good game and plays on the emotional aspect of closed businesses and unemployment in order to earn your vote. Her lame "rags-to-riches" sob story of being her being pregnant and being escorted to a bank foreclosure meeting (she and Vince were losing their home) toting an armful of folders in a tow truck (because her car broke down) is an attempt to show the unwashed masses that she was once "just like us". Now she's a kazillionaire who is only looking for self aggrandizement and expansion of her resume. Here is a woman who has $30 million bucks to throw around, and who thinks she can buy this Senate seat. What arrogance.

When asked at a Town Committee meeting what unconstitutional legislation which has come out of Congress that she would work to repeal, or what government agencies she would work to abolish, it was clear that she was clueless. The classic, "I'll have to do more research on that", was the response.

She keeps talking about the millions being wasted in Washington... I think she ought to see how her millions are being wasted in her own campaign. She's throwing money around like it was confetti.

We don't need anyone like that anywhere near the Senate chambers in Washington.

Let's face it.... pro-wrestling is fake.... so is Linda McMahon.