Tuesday, March 2, 2010

John McCain Wants To Control Your Supplements

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) is gunning for government control of all vitamins and supplements. Looks like this is a case of yet another power grabbing Senator run amok. Where is this Sen. John McCain who keeps saying he wants to shrink government? Just another lying sack of "dreck" I suspect.

McCain wants this same FDA, the one that regularly gives its blessing to drugs that have killed people or have alarming side effects, to regulate dietary supplements, like Garlic and Vitamin C.
It's insanity.

The Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA), S. 3002 (text of this bill) that McCain and another bone-headed co-sponsor has introduced, would repeal key provisions of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) to “more effectively regulate dietary supplements that may pose safety risks unknown to consumers.” (read more here)

Safety risks to consumers? Why doesn't he pick on the Food and Drug Administration (Have you seen this series?). The FDA is one of the most corrupt agencies in our government - and they work with drug companies to fast track drugs like Gardisil, which has maimed and even killed young girls.

This from Natural News:
FDA-approved prescription drugs injure 2.2 million and kill approximately 100,000 Americans each year, according to peer-reviewed published studies, and more realistic estimates put the number of deaths at over 200,000 people annually in the United States alone (see Death By Medicine for detailed statistics). Vioxx, according to senior FDA drug safety researcher Dr. David Graham, appears responsible for the deaths of over 60,000 Americans, and further deaths due to beta blockers, antidepressant drugs, statins and other medications continue to mount by the hour.
Ah... but McCain thinks there are more dangerous substances - like chamomile and astralagus and Vitamin D!

The FDA and Big Pharma should be the ones that are more regulated - the things they have done are downtright criminal, like pushing drugs on teenagers and children which have been proven to make them suicidal, or other drugs that have made people into diabetics, or have damaged their livers and kidneys.

So Senator McCain - you want to take away my freedom to choose to take nutraceuticals over the crap that the FDA and Big Pharma are peddling? You want more government control over Ginko and CoQ10? You have nothing more pressing to work on? Perhaps it's time for you to retire.

Ok - America - it is time to contact John McCain's office and tell him to knock it off!

Hands off our supplements and vitamins!

Call or write today!
United States Senate,
241 Russell Senate Ofc. Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510,
Main: (202) 224-2235,
Fax: (202) 228-2862

Let's all tell him and every other legislator hands off our vitamins and supplements!