Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Obama Healthcare Public Relations Tour

"It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion." - Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda

Obama will soon be kicking off his Public Relations Tour to try to convince the overwhelmingly disapproving American public that this healthcare legislation is good and noble. He and his tyrannical administration will be kicking off a massive propaganda campaign to sell you this unconstitutional piece of overreaching government legislation. It's sort of like the rapist who tries to convince you to "relax and enjoy it" - because you know - "you want it".

Obama and his cadre claim that the majority of Americans were "misinformed", so they want to give you their own brand of misinformation.
The campaign by Obama and Democrats will be backed by pro-health reform groups, and trade unions who are planning to spend millions on television advertising to win over a skeptical public. Gerald McEntee, leader of AFSCME, the biggest health workers' union in the US, told the Politico website: "We expect in three months the American people will understand the bill and they will be happy and satisfied with it."

The White House is banking on health reform being a winner once the public becomes aware of the details of the package, while the Republicans express equal confidence that it will be a vote-winner for them. The test will come in the Congressional mid-term elections in November.

I have news for President Obama - we already know the details.

- More IRS control and more government control
- Mandates to buy insurance coverage we don't need
- Higher premiums
- Higher healthcare costs
- Much Higher taxes
- Less available services - rationed services.
- A government that decides for YOU what health coverage and tests YOU should have
- A financially unsustainable entitlement program
- An unconstitutional piece of legislation
- A Trillion more in government spending
- This is just a stepping stone to a single payer system
- and much much more

Obama's going to trot out all the people, his human shields, like sick little kids and old people, to play on your emotions and guilt you into acceptance. Don't buy it. There is nothing noble about governmental tyranny and control.

He's going to bring out his "experts" - the usual biased union shills - to inject their own brand of skewed logic into the discussion, and if you follow the money you will probably see that they have all to gain from this legislation.

Obama plans to make you think that you this is somehow going to pay for itself, which it won't - and he will tell you how you won't ever have to worry again, and that government will take care of you.

Oh, he will be the grand snake oil salesman for the next couple of months.

Don't buy it.
This Socialist program is NOT good for our country.
Government controlled healthcare has been a failure in Britain and in Canada.

- It promotes government dependence.
- It destroys our freedom to choose.
- It taxes us more and steals our wealth and is the biggest wealth redistribution scheme going.
- It will put more money into the insurance companies pockets since they will have a nation of mandated purchasers.
- It will chase many health care providers out of the field and we will experience unprecedented provider shortages which will lead to eventual rationing.

Most importantly it gives more power to the government then it is allowed by the Constitution.

Do us a favor Mr. Obama:
Save the energy you will consume in Air Force One with your Socialist union friends, and all of OUR tax money that you plan to spend to spread this Socialist propagandist BS across this country, and just stay in Washington. We already know what a liar you are.

The American people are ANGRY.
You and your Congress HAVE VOTED AGAINST OUR WILL.
Believe it.

But if you must traverse the country then maybe you can also answer this one very important and relevant question:

If your healthcare legislation was so wonderful, then why did you have to bribe so many legislators for their vote to pass it?


mrs dani said...

And if it is so wonderful, why did the president and the legislators make a seperate healthcare plan for themselves?

Rachel said...

Hey, just wanted to tell you thanks for keeping up with this blog. I really enjoy coming here to think and to learn what I can do. I was disappointed to find out that my congressman voted against the bill only because it cost too much, not because it was a gov. take over. I intend to vote carefully this fall and find a man willing to stick up for our Constitution and to preserve our freedom. Thanks again for all you do!

Lynn said...

I love following your blog..Thanks for telling it how it is..

John said...

You are welcome to your opinion, but comparing Obama to a rapist? I thought you were at least educated enough to avoid overtly racist imagery. You do yourself and your movement no favors, ma'am.

Judy Aron said...

Thanks for giving me PERMISSION to have my opinion John.

And excuse me, but it seems YOU are the one with the racist imagery - NO WHERE IN THIS POST DID I MAKE ANY REFERENCE TO RACE - but YOU sure did! Looks like YOU are the one with racist perceptions - especially since YOU seem to equate rapists with people of color. You do no favors to YOUR side of the argument SIR.

Try a new play book - the race card is pretty much done - how about keeping it to the issues for once? Oh I know why - because you can't.

James R., Bristol said...

Judy, you are truly freakin psycho.

"You and your Congress HAVE VOTED AGAINST OUR WILL."

A USA Today/Gallup poll of 1,005 adult Americans, published March 23, 2010 stated that about 49% viewed the legislation as "a good thing" or otherwise reacted positively, while about 40% viewed it badly or otherwise reacted negatively.

I know, AHHHH STUPID FACTS! They get in the way of going all Glen Beck and calling for riots in the streets and an uprising.

Still think he's not a US Citizen too, or have you dropped that old chestnut of yours?

Judy Aron said...

Ah James... truly a picture of so called Demcorat "Civility" - who is doing the name calling now??? Your ilk are such nauseating hypocrites.

And you can cherry pick you polls too..
Rasmussen polled as well...

They found 55% favor repeal of this healthcare bill - Those figures include 46% who Strongly Favor repeal and 35% who Strongly Oppose it.

In terms of Election 2010, 52% say they’d vote for a candidate who favors repeal over one who does not. Forty-one percent (41%) would cast their vote for someone who opposes repeal.

Most senior citizens (59%) also favor repeal.

- oh but you'd prefer to use the "McPaper" of the US - USA Today - for your facts.

Yeah James - don't let facts get in the way.

Oh and by the way - since you brought it up - why hasn't your buddy Barry still not shared any of his documents? He's supposed to be so open and transparent. A hospital in Hawaii has yet to claim their institution as "the Saviors birthplace" You'd think they would want to erect a plaque or something. That "old chestnut" is still wending its way through the courts.