Sunday, March 7, 2010

Protests And More Protests To Come

Tea parties in the US.
Tea parties in Britain.

Protests in Greece for Greeks who want to be bailed out

Greek taxpayers are not happy with the austerity measures passed by their Parliament. The ruling PASOK party now certain to plummet in popularity, but they are doing precisely what they should be doing; cutting spending. The Greeks are in crisis and are in debt up to their laureled brows. Oh well....

(clip from Bloomberg)

Protests in Iceland for Icelanders who want NO part of bailouts.

An amazing 93% of Iceland voters voted NO to the "Icesave" bill which would have financially burdened its citizens with an additional $16k in debt to compensate the UK and Holland with a $5.3 billion note for the failure of Landsbanki. The people obviously want to have nothing to do with international bailouts.
Icelanders used the referendum to express their outrage at being asked to take on the obligations of bankers who allowed the island’s financial system to create a debt burden more than 10 times the size of the economy.

Red flares lighted at a protest in ICeland

We are on the verge of another global meltdown ... believe it.