Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rahm Gets "Massa"cred

Rahm Emanuel, and his Chicago style Whitehouse bullies, were outed by a resigning New York Democrat Congressman Eric Massa.

While Massa may be no angel himself, he totally went public with the depths of corruption and coercive tactics being used by the Obama Whitehouse pushing to garner Democrat votes to pass the healthcare bill. It even makes me wonder if Rahm Emanuel might have offered Massa's staffer to claim 'harrassment' charges? Hmmmmmm... Massa claims to being forced out... perhaps just like other Democrats are being forced out. (Let's see... exactly how many are "retiring" now?)

It is so incredibly repulsive.

We The People should be so totally outraged - and while we must all understand that none of this is new - at least a light has been placed on the despicable behavior of those guiding our nation and making its laws.

"The Louisiana Purchase", "The Cornhusker Kickback"... and other attempts to buy votes and coerce lawmakers to vote one way or another by their party, or their President, is just entirely wrong and it IS illegal. Anyone taking bribes such as these should be voted out of office, particularly if they are career politicians! Anyone perpetrating such strong armed tactics and politics are equally culpable. I would seriously like to see jail time for this kind of behavior.

The only voices these lawmakers should be listening to is to their oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution and the constituents they represent.

Our country is much too precious to be run via Chicago thug politics.

This isn't the Mafia - it is the United States of America for heavens sake!

So how's that Hope and Change working for ya?