Monday, March 29, 2010

Sarah Palin Stumping For McCain

Gov. Palin just seems to make herself look more hypocritical and foolish than ever. I can tell you one thing - many Tea Partiers and Liberty Movement folks aren't buying her act. Some of them have even spoken out and have been ejected from the rallies that she speaks at. But - she does have her following - no denying that.

Palin wants to make people think that she is some sort of Libertarian leaning, smaller government promoting Conservative and then she comes off praising the likes of John McCain (which couldn't be more nauseating)? Blech! When I watched the video of her introduction of McCain I think I threw up a little in my mouth. (here is a sample) Palin just made herself look more stupid, and who ever wrote her speech needs to be fired. I think she did better reading from her hand the last time.

McCain stands for everything opposite of what the Tea Party movement is all about. McCain has voted along with progressive Democrats on more occasions then he'd like to admit, on everything from amnesty for illegal aliens to Cap and Trade legislation to more restrictions on the American people. He's now trying to put on some sort of act like he is some real right wing Constitution thumping Tea Partier. What a load of phony crap.

McCain needs to be dumped in 2010, and Palin would do well to denounce him rather than stand there and sing his praises like some fawning fool.

The REAL Tea Party/ Liberty Movement candidate is JD Hayworth for US Senate in Arizona. and I hope J.D. Hayworth kicks McCain's butt. So far, he isn't doing too badly in the polls with just a 7 point difference between them.

Arizonans - should get a clue - John McCain has done nothing for you.
It's time for some new blood.