Friday, April 30, 2010

I Think At Some Point You've Made Enough Money

What a Marxist hypocrite.
Really?  How much did Obama make on his book deals?
Plus he got at least a million from Goldman Sachs.
Did Obama "make enough money"?
Michelle and Barry are multi-millionaires.

Obama's salary as President is $400,000, plus a $50,000 tax free expense account, a $100,000 tax free travel account and a $19,000 tax free entertainment account. Meals for the President and his family and official state dinners are provided at taxpayer expense by White House Food Services. Travel for official purposes is also at taxpayer expense and is not counted as taxable income. All of this means that, for practical purposes, Obama has very few living expenses so it's reasonable to assume that nearly all of his $1,854,770 after tax salary added to his growing net worth.

The Running Tally of Obama's Net Worth as of December 10,2009

Barack Obama 2009 Net Worth:

Total Assets: $10,255,781
Total Liabilities $1,570,000

For 2 people who don't really produce anything of any value, I think they have made enough money.

Don't you?

Oh and as a very interesting aside:
Seven of the Obama campaign’s top 14 donors consisted of officers and employees of the same Wall Street firms Obama and his pals are charging with looting and deceiving the public, and who were busily originating and/or bundling questionable mortgages which contributed to the financial crisis that we are still enjoying.

Seven Wall Street firms in order of money given to the Obama campaign were Goldman Sachs, UBS AG, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. There was also a large hedge fund, Citadel Investment Group (a major source of fee income to Wall Street). Add the six large corporate law firms who are also registered lobbyists or do legal work for Wall Street and the cumulative total of these 14 contributors to the Obama campaign through February 1, 2008, was $2,872,128.

Waxman Sneaks Anti-Vitamin Legislation Into Wall Street "Reform" Bill

This is why these 1,700+ page pieces of legislation, and the people in Congress who are writing them, cannot be trusted.
Of all the sneaky tactics practiced in Washington D.C., this recent action by Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) is one of the most insidious: While no one was looking, he injected amendment language into the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 (H.R. 4173) that would expand the powers of the Federal Trade Commission (not the Federal Drug Administration, but the FTC) to terrorize nutritional supplement companies by greatly expanding the power of the FTC to make its own laws that target dietary supplement companies.

This is a little-known secret about the FTC and the nutritional supplements business: The FTC routinely targets nutritional supplement companies that are merely telling the truth about their products. Some companies are threatened by merely linking to published scientific studies about their products.

They target a particular company that's having success in the natural products marketplace, then they accuse that company of "inferring" that their products have some health benefit. From there, the FTC demands that the company engage in paying a massive fine to the FTC, which the FTC calls "consumer redress" even though none of the money actually goes to the consumers.

If you try to fight the FTC, they haul you into their own special "FTC courts" which are not public courts where you have the benefit of a jury, but rather they are courts where the judges are actually FTC employees and you have no rights. You are essentially guilty until proven innocent, and virtually no one has been found innocent by the FTC.

The FTC also forces you to sign a "consent decree" which involves you admitting to committing crimes that you have actually never committed. These crimes include the "criminal misrepresentation of a product" by, for example, explaining that walnuts help support healthy cholesterol levels or that cherries ease symptoms of inflammation.

Using these methods, the FTC has extorted tens of millions of dollars out of nutritional supplement companies. More importantly, it has terrorized the industry and put several companies out of business, denying the American public access to products that could improve their health and prevent disease.

It's Legalized Extortion.

Read more here.

It is pretty despicable that these legislators use every conniving way to expand government control, while they complain bitterly about the way corporations do business. Looks like the government acts no differently then the folks they are trying to regulate when it comes to domination.

I hope that someone in Congress will strip this garbage out of this legislation.

This Congress is so utterly broken and corrupt.

Please, California - you are the land of granola and health foods - Please boot Waxman out next term.... please???!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizona Anti-Illegal Immigration Legislation

Before you get your knickers in a twist over this piece of legislation enacted in Arizona - READ THE BILL.

Don't just rely on others to tell you what to think about it.

Arizona's got a very real problem with illegal immigration which has been brewing for a long time now - and the Federal government has done nothing to help them in protecting the border and fighting the resulting drug trade and crime. The Feds have done nothing to enforce Federal law. Arizona's new law allows for the enforcement of Federal law.

70% of the people in Arizona are just fed up with the crime and cost of illegal immigration.

Here is what one Senator has to say about this law:

While we don't want Nazi style "Show me your papers" legislation being enacted, this legislation actually only allows police officers to ask for proof of citizenship if a crime has been committed or for probable cause. It is NO different then existing Federal law! The issue is that the Feds have NOT been enforcing that immigration law, especially in border states. Arizonans feel that enough is enough and something has to be done, especially after the recent murder of an Arizona rancher. Arizona Legislators decided to take matters into their own hands.

Right or wrong legislation ... the riots will begin and this is going to get very very ugly very fast, especially if La Raza and Reconquista is involved (which they are). There have already been threats made and there will be mass demonstrations by pro-illegal immigration factions out West, and across the country. It's not like they haven't been waiting for this opportunity.

Opponents of this law will make this out to be racist and blah blah blah... the truth is this is about enforcing the law and protecting Arizona's citizens, many of which are also of Latin American decent and who are also very fed up with the crime and drugs and costs that they are burdened with as a result of illegal immigration.

Personally, I would rather see other means of combating illegal immigration, and that would be to get rid of the incentives that attract them to come here illegally in the first place, like all the free services they receive courtesy of the American taxpayer. State lawmakers need to end all forms of public assistance to illegal aliens, and they need to punish employers that hire illegal aliens illegally, and perhaps they need to honestly do something about addressing the lucrative illegal drug trade. Maybe it is time to legalize certain drugs, and tax them and make it less profitable for criminals to be involved in drug smuggling.

If people want to be here in this country - fine - but they have to be here legally like millions of other have done and continue to do.

Arizonans have had enough.
Unfortunately, this is going to start a significant revolution in this country, and it is one that our Federal government has allowed to foment due to their decades of inaction and indifference.

Read News With Views.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grassley: GM Didn't Really Pay U.S. Back

Yeah - by now you've seen the General Motors commercial on TV where GM Chairman Ed Whitacre is taking about how GM has paid off their debt and is making great cars that we all should purchase.

That has made some news - because some are claiming that GM is not telling the whole truth.
A Republican senator is questioning General Motors’ claim that it has repaid its taxpayer-funded loans in full.

Sen. Chuck Grassley is asking Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to justify those claims. According to the Iowa Republican, GM has repaid its TARP (taxpayer-funded bailout) loans using other TARP funds.

The automaker – which is 61 percent owned by the U.S. and 12 percent owned by Canada -- announced on Wednesday that it has fully repaid the $6.7-billion in loans it received from the U.S. and Canadian governments.

“GM is able to repay the taxpayers in full, with interest, ahead of schedule, because more customers are buying vehicles like the Chevrolet Malibu and Buick LaCrosse we build here in Fairfax,” said GM Chairman Ed Whitacre during a visit to an auto plant in Fairfax, Kansas on Wednesday.

But as the Associated Press reported, GM received a total of $52 billion from the U.S. government and $9.5 billion from the Canadian and Ontario governments as part of its bankruptcy reorganization. The U.S. considered $6.7 billion of the $52 billion as a loan.

In fact, GM still owes $45.3 billion to the U.S. and $8.1 billion to Canada, money it received in exchange for shares in the company. GM said it hopes to repay those amounts with an eventual public stock offering, the AP reported.

“It looks like [GM’s] announcement is really just an elaborate TARP money shuffle,” Grassley said in an April 22 letter to Treasury Secretary Geithner. “The repayment dollars haven’t come from GM selling cars but, instead, from a TARP account at the Treasury Department.”

...Barofsky testified before the Senate Finance Committee this week that the funds GM used to repay its TARP debt are not coming from GM earnings.

“Instead, GM seems to be using TARP funds from an escrow account at Treasury to make the debt repayments,” Grassley said. The senator noted that according to Barafsky's testimony, "Treasury had supervisory authority over GM’s use of these TARP escrow funds."

Grassley questioned whether the Treasury Department is being straightforward with taxpayers about its management of the $700-billion taxpayer-funded bailout program

Grassley has been an outspoken critic about the lack of transparency with how TARP funds have been used. Last fall, he cosponsored legislation to end the program.

So there you have it... a bit of a shell game being played on the public by General Motors, AKA Government Motors.
Thank goodness there is at least one Senator willing to ask some pointed and revealing questions.
Because of this type of scam and deceitful advertising - I would never buy another GM product.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inflation Hits The Supermarket

One report cites these statistics:
Food prices jumped by 2.4 percent in March, the most since January 1984. Vegetable prices soared by more than 49 percent, the most in 15 years. A cold snap wiped out much of Florida's tomato and other vegetable crops at the beginning of this year.
On top of that, gasoline prices rose 2.1 percent - the fifth rise in six months. gasoline is over $3.00 in many places already.

And yet this story is so ridiculous because it concludes that excluding food and energy there's no inflation! Don't they understand that food and energy are the most important commodities to include!

Of course there is inflation.

Have you taken a look at what your dollars buy at the grocery store lately? You are getting a whole lot less for the same amount of money that you would usually spend on a shopping trip. A whole chicken can be as much a $14! You pay well over $14 for a 20 pack of Scott Toilet paper or 10 pack of paper towels, and over $3.00 for a loaf of bread, and a dollar a piece for navel oranges.
It's getting ridiculous!
I spend anywhere between $150 and $200 a week for groceries now for 3 adults, where I used to spend $125 for a family of 5!

We don't shop at the expensive food stores and I always buy sale items. My son told me that for his weekly shopping trip he spent $45 for the following items: a chicken, vegetables, a bag of potatoes, a bottle of juice and a quart of milk.

Yeah - there is inflation all right.
Just look at the packaging.
You are getting less product for the same amount of money.

I'd be interested to know what you are seeing in the supermarket.
Do YOU think there is inflation?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Linda McMahon Pledges NOT To Accept Senatorial Pay

At the Waterbury Tea Party Forum hosted by the CT Grassroots Alliance Saturday, I asked Linda McMahon, since she is a self-made millionaire who constantly tells us all regarding her Senate bid how she's not a career politician and doesn't need a job, if she would therefore refuse the six figure Senatorial pay. Without hesitation in answering that question, Linda McMahon said she would refuse any Senatorial pay if elected to office.

Now that's news.
I did not see that printed in any papers though.
But I am making it public here.
It can be verified on video that was taken at the forum. (go to 2:08 of the video for my question and her answer)
It was an admirable move by McMahon, but I was not impressed by any of her other answers.

So really, her answer begs the question, what's she in it for?
Why spend her tens of millions of dollars for a Senate seat?

She wastes millions of dollars on multiple pointless mailings to households across Connecticut; and while she triumphantly proclaimed at the forum that it's her money to spend as she pleases (no one is really begrudging her that point at all) - it really makes you think about how she'll spend OUR tax money if she gets elected (she never really answered that question in the video). Her actions of how she throws around her own money doesn't look like the actions of a true fiscal conservative.

And by the way, in this same video, Tanya Bachand asks some pointed questions (at 4:08 into the video) about the $5 bounty McMahon's campaign placed on registering new Republican voters... Linda McMahon seemed to imply she knew nothing of this plan, and has since stopped the practice, but that the campaign person who concocted and implemented this idea would not be fired.

And if she is indeed convincing Connecticut voters to support her and her policies, then why wouldn't she be gathering financial support from "the people" to send her to Washington? It seems she really doesn't need them at all - except to vote for her of course. Sure, she says anyone can donate up to $100 towards her campaign... but really... self-funders pretty much tell the People, "I don't need you", except for your vote in the Convention, the primary, and the general election. Beyond that, she won't need any of these constituents after the election is over either, I imagine.

Is she in it for the power?
The prestige?
To pad her resume?
Is this some sort of vanity run?
Is there some legislation she is looking to help pass to help WWE or any of her other interests?
One can only guess her true intentions.

And what about the much bigger question of her electability?
Clearly there is enough video footage on the Internet regarding her company and the raunchy garbage that is peddled by WWE to viewers, including children, that the Democrat machine is already salivating over it. She has made millions off of the "soap opera" raunchy garbage that permeates WWE, some of which she and her husband Vince have actively participated in. In this clip, Linda kicks a guy in the groin and shows us what an actress she can be. How does this enhance her credibility?

Stuff like that will make Blumenthal look like a choir boy; the champion over Internet porn and MySpace and Facebook, and all things that some say are polluting the minds of young people. Interesting too, is that someone had enough power to tell YouTube to remove damaging videos regarding McMahon from public view. Now isn't that interesting? (read more here) Oh yeah... it's all because of "copyright infringement".

Given all that, how can Linda McMahon, with WWE's questionable programming, possibly be the standard bearer for the CT Republican Party? Does CT want a senator who participates in this stuff?

And what about her donations to Rahm Emanuel's campaign, that she basically shrugs off as being a donation to Rahm's PAC as a favor to his brother? (look at 4:24 into the video) Is that the type of cronyism we are to expect from McMahon in Washington? How does one donate to support a campaign without knowing anything about who and what you are supporting? That's another questionable matter of judgment.

There were many good questions asked at the Tea Partiers forum, and I applaud McMahon for coming into the lion's den, but honestly, at times it looked like she watched a few Peter Schiff videos in preparation for fielding questions from the crowd, especially when it came to Constitutional questions or questions about what federal agencies she might consider dismantling. She named only two that Schiff previously spoke about - the Department of Education and the Department of Energy, beyond that she couldn't think of any others on her own.

Interestingly enough, there are at least 4 other Republican women running for Senate seats
1) Former New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte,
2) Former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton of Colorado,
3) Business executive Carly Fiorina in California (running against Barbara Boxer)
4) Former state Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Lowden in Nevada.

Funny how all these women espouse the now popular mantra of "smaller" government, but in many ways have either supported policies like stimulus spending, or supported moderate Republicans like John McCain, or even helped to fund tax and spend Democrat campaigns.

Can we have some real honest Liberty minded - smaller government Republicans running for office please? Can we have someone who isn't an actress who kicks people in the groin, or who makes millions exploiting perversions?? Please???

Well, there is one that comes to mind.... Peter Schiff.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stop The Financial Reform Bill - S. 3217


In short it grants permanent, unlimited bailout authority to the Federal Reserve.
It's like TARP forever without the nasty, unpopular debates and votes in Congress. Beyond that, it gives the Fed the power to takeover vaguely defined "nonbank financial companies", and the Fed has the power to decide what constitutes a "nonbank financial company" on a case by case basis. They will decide who is too big to fail - who is too small to be big.. etc. etc. etc.

It provides for seizure of private property without meaningful judicial review (section 203(b))

Fannie and Freddie are not being regulated.

Please read about the 14 Fatal Flaws of this bill

This is NOT financial reform - this is another huge government power grab courtesy of "Countrywide Sweetheart Deal Recipient (AKA Friend of Angelo)" Sen. Chris Dodd.

On top of that... Alan Grayson Discloses That Dodd Bill Covertly Eliminates Already Passed Legislation Requiring Full Fed Audit... (↑ Please read the link above ↑ )

From the Huffington Post:
The Wall Street reform bill headed for a test vote on the Senate floor Monday night will allow the Federal Reserve to continue to pump trillions of dollars into major banks largely in secrecy, the co-author of House language that would open the central bank to an audit charged in a memo to the Senate.

"The Senate has a provision in its reform bill that purports to audit the Fed. But, it really doesn't do anything of the sort. I'm going to run down the details for you, and reprint the legislative language so you can read it yourself," writes Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.).


Senator Reid filed for cloture on Friday of Senate Bill 3217, also known as the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010. There is a 72 hour window from the time cloture is filed until the time cloture on a bill may be voted. Cloture must receive 60 votes to keep the bill moving in the Senate for amendments and for the final vote on the bill. If cloture fails, the bill is stalled if and until the Senate can produce 60 votes in favor of cloture. This bill must be stopped.

1.) Please contact your own Senators first and voice your opposition to this bill. If possible, physically go in person to the local home offices of your two Senators and speak to someone there who will take note of your opinion and pass it on. If you're not able to go in person, please call, email, and fax the offices of both Senators from your state. (Find Your Senators by State on the Senate Website)

2.) Call, email, and fax these 8 Republican Senators who are not yet 100% opposed to this bill:

Bob Bennett of Utah (202) 224-5444
Susan Collins of Maine (202) 224-2523
Christopher Bond of Missouri (202) 224-5721
Saxby Chambliss of Georgia (202) 224-3521
Bob Corker of Tennessee (202) 224-3344
John McCain of Arizona (202) 224-2235
Olympia Snowe of Maine (202) 224-5344
Scott Brown of Massachusetts (202) 224-4543

This bill MUST not pass.

This is NOT reform - this is more TARP legislation... more power to the government and another blow to consumers and the economy.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Vacationing - A Human Right Says The EU

The European Union has declared travelling a human right, and is launching a scheme to subsidize vacations with taxpayers' dollars for those too poor to afford their own trips.

This is Flipping Priceless...
Can you imagine the tax revolt that would happen here if taxpayers were funding vacations for the poor? We are already buying some of their crack and liquor and giving them free condoms, so why not send them somewhere fun - like Las Vegas? Unfortunately there are some that don't use their relief/welfare money to do necessary stuff... like feed their kids... but no worries ... the schools do that for them anyway.

And why not?
We are already funding vacations for the rich corporate and union types who got taxpayer bailout money.

So when this kind of EU nonsense comes to America, who wants to join me in quitting all of our jobs so we can all go to Tahiti on the government's dime?

Who is John Galt?

And Now A Word From Tea Party Racists!

Race Baiter Keith Olbermann issued this agonized open letter to his antagonists:
"Ask yourself, when you next go to a Tea Party rally, or watch one on television or listen to a politician or a commentator praise these things or merely treat them as if it was just a coincidence that they are virtually segregated. Ask yourself: Where are the black faces? Who am I marching with? What are we afraid of? And if it really is only a President's policy and not his skin, ask yourself one final question: Why are you surrounded by the largest crowd you will ever again see in your life that consists of nothing but people who look exactly like you?"

Nathanial Alexander Stuart took a video camera to one of the hundreds of Tax Day rallies that were being held on April 15th, and asked some black protesters how they felt about Olbermann's comments.

I have been to Tea Party and 2nd Amendment events - and there ARE people from all walks of life in attendance,despite what the media wants to tell everyone.

I have heard Black Conservatives specifically come out and say that the Democrat Party is the party of slavery because Black people today are being kept dependent on government handouts - Dependency is not freedom!

The Democrat party thrives on Class warfare and it uses the ills of society merely to extract more money from the people with the excuse that is is to be used for the public good. It does the public no good to continue to rob them with higher taxes and to continue policies which create inflation and environments that are unfriendly to free enterprise.

The so-called "war on poverty" and "war on drugs" are complete failures because they do not address the real issues of substandard education, the breakdown of the family, and the destruction of religious and moral values, not only in the Black urban communities, but in many communities across the country.

People are kept in poverty largely in part because they are made to believe government will help them instead of being given the tools to enable self-sufficiency.

A government that taxes its people so that they can never accumulate their own wealth, and creates an atmosphere where people are encouraged to take a free ride on others, and that allows and enables people to become totally dependent on government, is a government that is morally and ethically corrupt.

Black Conservatives, as well as everyone else in the Liberty movement, know this full well, and they understand their rights as well as the government's boundaries as determined by the Constitution.

Racism in the Tea Party?
How about those Liberals, like Olbermann and the Barbara Boxers and Nancy Pelosis and even the Jesse Jacksons and the Al Sharptons of this country who would be out of a job if more people of color were allowed to do things for themselves, and not be made into sheep who require cradle to grave tending by a Nanny State. Those so-called "Champions of the poor" make a living by keeping people in poverty and dependency.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Peter Schiff On The Financial Regulation Bill

Yes, and I wonder what else is buried in this 1,600 page bill.... what other earmarks and kickbacks and payoffs are in this new train wreck of legislation.

The New Franklin

Complete with high tech security features.
The redesign of the $100 is about one-third of the way complete.
The bill is expected to go into circulation late next year.

Big deal.
Before too long it'll just buy a loaf of bread.

Just keep printing up some more Mr. Bernanke.....

Earth Day Rap

Don't drink gasoline... okay?


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2nd Amendment March - A Photo Gallery

I hope you enjoy the photos that I took while at the 2nd Amendment March in Washington DC on 04/19/2010.

It was a wonderful crowd.
There were some great speeches.
It was a beautiful day.
This was attended by families and people of all ethnicities and backgrounds.

It was a peaceful rally - and No One had guns loaded or unloaded except DC Capitol Police and security. Many people had empty holsters or holsters that contained a copy of the Constitution.

We were treated to a flyover of helicopters which took photos of the crowd - courtesy of the US government, along with armed spotters atop one of the nearby buildings. Marine One flew over as well - so I suspect that the spotters were also a security measure for that event.

The event purposely coincided with historical date of the battle of Lexington and Concord. That is April 19th.
CNN however, and other anti-gun people insist on their fabrication that this was organized on this date specifically to commemorate a tragic event in recent history. That is patently false, and is meant solely to discredit these gun owners.

There were also a few "crashers" with questionable signs, just like those who appeared at last week's tea party events. I did not take pictures of those signs.
The opposition is doing what they can to demonize these gatherings and their supporters. It's not going to work, and we are not going away.

All I can say - is don't believe the garbage that you are being fed on cable and print news. Attend these events for yourself and speak to the participants. They are regular Americans who care deeply about the erosion of our Constitutional rights.

Kenyan Parliament Now On List Of Birthers

"If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the President of America?" Kenyan Parliament - NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OFFICIAL REPORT - Thursday, 25th March, 2010 - The Minister for Lands (Mr. Orengo)

That was posted on the Parliament of Kenya website:
the "official web site of the Kenyan Parliament. It is a resource centre for information concerning the Kenyan legislative process as well as links to other related sites. If you have any enquiries, comments, suggestions or other feedback, please use our Feedback section".
It looks as if the Kenyan Parliament fully accepts Barack Obama as their native son. The Kenyan Parliament had previously referred to Obama as a “son of the soil” of Kenya on November 5, 2008, in a meeting convened the day after the 2008 U.S. presidential election.

So was he really was born in Hawaii or not?
Maybe someone ought to show these Kenyans Obama's "Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth".

How come no Hawaiian hospital has claimed itself to be Obama's birthplace?

Interesting article here.

Also interesting is that Arizona just passed legislation in their House requiring proof of natural born status and birth certificate for anyone running for president in order to appear on their ballots. Other states are following suit. And for the record, a certification of live birth, which is a document that certifies that someone was born, is NOT the same as a long form birth certificate which shows signature of hospital officials and doctors along with parent's signatures and other information.

There are legal suits still wending their way through the courts on this issue. Obama is still fighting the issue and refusing to disclose the documents that are being requested.

Interesting to note is the criticality of Obama's judicial appointments to the Supreme Court - because this issue may just very well end up there.

The question looms - if Obama is Hawaiian born as he claims, then why are high ranking Kenyan government officials proclaiming something else? They must just be a bunch of lunatic "Birthers", or perhaps they didn't get the memo from the Obama administration.

Monday, April 19, 2010

2nd Amendment March

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." - 2nd Amendment, Bill of Rights.

Today in Washington D.C. thousands will peacefully gather UNARMED for the 2nd Amendment march on the grounds of the Washington Monument.

The mission of the Second Amendment March is to galvanize the courage and resolve of Americans; to petition our elected officials against establishing anti-gun legislation; and to remind America that the Second Amendment is necessary to maintain our right to self defense.
April 19th was chosen to commemorate the battles of Lexington and Concord, when British troops were dispatched to seize and destroy military supplies being stored by the colonists. This was one of the first displays of American spirit as the colonists united to defend their way of life.

And here is some history about American gun control laws:

The first “gun control” in America was instituted against freed black slaves and began as a racist measure to keep guns out of the hands of black people. Watch this video. "No Guns For Negroes", in two parts on YouTube - Part One, Part Two.

The 1968 Gun Control Act - was taken from Nazi Gun Control Acts, almost verbatim, by CT Legislator Thomas Dodd, father of Senator Chris Dodd (D- CT).

Gun control disarms law abiding citizens. It infringes upon their rights to defend themselves. It leaves a population defenseless against criminals, who by definition do not obey the law!

And something much more important regarding gun control: Governments with such wide powers that they were able successfully to enforce "gun control" committed mass murders of tens of millions of people. Between 1929 and 1953 in the ex-Soviet Union, 20,000,000 were murdered by Stalin's forces. The Nazis murdered some 13 million persons, including 6 million Jews. The organization, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, has published research which demonstrates that "gun control" laws cleared the way for seven major genocides between 1915 and 1980, in which 56 million persons, including millions of children, were murdered. When a government moves to disarm its population that means only those forces controlled by the government will have firearms to use against a defenseless population. Our Founders knew this.

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. Thomas Jefferson

Please read the Six Things People Should Know About the 2nd Amendment.

It is a well known fact that Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world - read and listen to the reasons about why that is.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Articles of Freedom Delivery Day April 19th

On April 19, 2010, the Voice of Freedom will be heard from Hawaii to Maine as Constitutionalists gather in every Capital City to simultaneously sing the praises of America and Her Constitution, and to serve the Articles of Freedom on Her federal and state officials.

There will be a Serving of the Articles on all U.S. Senators, 50 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, 50 Governors and the 99 Leaders of the State Legislatures

The Constitution doesn't defend itself!
Take the next step.
Be at your state capitol on April 19th to deliver the Articles of Freedom.

Hartford 3 PM.
Contact Estelle Stevenson - estellestevenson48(at)gmail(dot)com

Visit the website

Friday, April 16, 2010

VAT Tax - Explained

This Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation video explains why a value-added tax would be a dangerous money machine for big government. The evidence from Europe also shows that VATs actually lead to higher income taxes.

Tax Day Tea Party In Hartford 04-15-2010

Huge crowd! - Beautiful day! - fabulous speakers!
LIBERTY and the Constitution!
See some of the photos

and these videos:

Tea Party Flag Procession

and photos of the crowd taken while the government's "credit card" was being cut up.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Not Their Money!

In honor of April 15th - Tax Day.....

Yeah, Mr. Gibbs... We Are Going To Let The Process Work It's Way Through.

It's NOT Their money!

But what we have is a much bigger problem... and here is the REAL Truth about Deficit Spending:
"as we gaze across the federal budget pie, it's pretty obvious that our major expenditures have relatively little to do with long-term investments or capital improvement

More than half of our money is being spent on mandatory entitlement distributions, which simply means money going towards providing basic living expenses and health care. Both are important to the recipients, but these expenditures are centered on current consumption, not long-term prosperity.

The cold economic truth is that we are slowly bankrupting our country. And we are spending our money on things that do not contribute to our collective long-term prosperity."

Massive government spending must be stopped.
Our government has to stop subsidizing other countries.
Our government has to stop subsidizing some failing businesses and punishing others.
Our government has to stop creating dependency.
Our government has to stop micro-managing our lives.
We cannot expect the government to do everything for us and give us everything.

That is NOT what government is supposed to do.

Our government has to stop manufacturing Federal Reserve Notes out of thin air.

We need to be a country that manufactures things here again.
We need to encourage commerce and enterprise - not tax it, control it, or regulate it to death.
We need to be a country of savers.
We need to be a country with sound money.
We need to take responsibility over our own lives.

"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply or create wealth by dividing it." Dr. Adrian Rogers

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

McMahon Makes "Donations" To Republican Town Committees

Paul Improta - Chairman of the Bethel Republican Town Committee recently wrote about Linda McMahon's "unsolicited contributions" to his Committee in a Facebook post comment.
"Unlike Simmons, who I sense views TC wooing as a necessary evil, Linda has done more than paid lipservice. First, she did spend three hours sequestered with us. Secondly, she gave us unsolicited financial support at a time when we could most use it.

Contrast this with Simmons who showed up to our low key holiday affair and proceeded to glad-hand everyone while their dinners got cold. At the same dinner, Simmons caught wind that McMahon had made the earlier contribution, and promised to match it - Five months later we are still waiting. We haven't seen Simmons since.

She has followed up and stayed in touch, even calling me personally on my cell phone to thank me for my continued support.

She gave us a donation - it was appreciated - written from her own personal account. Simmons welched, and Schiff was a no-show."

"Unsolicited financial support" from her own personal account... I guess that makes it o.k. and ethical and really decent of her. (wink, wink, nod, nod)
Did she ever support this RTC in the past?
If not, then why now?
It's nice that she keeps in touch with them too.
Subsequently that Republican Town Committee has unanimously endorsed McMahon, and they haven't even heard from all candidates.
Imagine that ... Linda McMahon with the appearance of "Buying Bethel".
But they aren't alone.

Could McMahon possibly be buying Republican Town Committee votes?
Word has it that delegations of 15 and up might be going for $2,000, and 10 - 15 are worth $1,500. Others may just take what they can get.
In my opinion, this type of thing is beyond disgusting candidate and RTC behavior.
It is exactly what we DON'T want to send to Washington!

Some RTC's - like Preston- actually still have their integrity intact. They refused a "donation".
This from the NY Times:
John Moulson, the chairman of the Republican Town Committee in Preston in southeastern Connecticut, said the committee rejected a donation offered by Ms. McMahon’s campaign.

“We didn’t want to feel we were beholden to her,” Mr. Moulson said. “It kind of feels like they were trying to buy our vote. It’s as simple as that. I would feel the same way if it was Simmons offering the money.”
In fact, according to the NYT article, from August to December 2009 alone, McMahon contributed nearly $17,000 to Republican Town Committees and more than $10,000 to individual candidates.

This is exactly why this country is in the toilet - because of politicians who think they can buy their way into Congress and people who might allow themselves to be bought. Shame on Bethel and other Republican Town Committees who might, or even appear to, put money ahead of anything else in this race.

The future of this country and the kinds of people we elect are important - and now it is more critical than ever. I would rather elect someone who is really qualified and knows the issues and how to fix the problems then someone who just has lots of money to throw around and who tells you what you want to hear and who just may be buying votes.

Just like we saw the "Cornhusker Kickback" and the "Louisiana Purchase" in Washington - I guess in Connecticut we have seen what could now be termed as the "Town Committee Tribute".

It certainly sheds some light on how Linda does business and how she'll operate in Congress.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Activists and patriots in Connecticut are invited to rally at the State Capitol in Hartford on April 15...

Last year, on April 15 2009, millions of Americans stood in over 800 protests around the country to voice their concerns over reckless government spending. Ordinary citizens, from all walks of life and from all political persuasions, took to the streets, in big cities and small towns, many taking political action for the first time. Since then, even more Americans have been inspired to get informed, to have their voices heard, and to hold their elected officials accountable, by getting involved in the Tea Party Movement. And on April 15 2010, millions of Americans will again take to the streets at Tea Party rallies across the country, to continue to oppose the out-of-control deficit spending, government takeovers of sectors of the economy, Cap & Trade, government-run health care, and higher taxes.

Here in Connecticut, conservative grassroots activists and Tea Party Patriots will be gathering in Hartford, at the State Capitol, on the north steps, from 2 PM to 4 PM, for the Second Annual Tax Day Tea Party. The theme for this year's rally is IT'S ABOUT LIBERTY!, and the Tea Party Principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, and the Constitution will be highlighted throughout the program.

Featured speakers include grassroots activist & founder of Right Principles - Bob MacGuffie, conservative radio talk show host - Jim Vicevich, and Republican Senatorial candidate - Peter Schiff, along with a number of conservative candidates and members of the CT Grassroots Alliance. This is a family-friendly event, meant to educate and inspire Tea Party Patriots in Connecticut, and the public in general.

Event Details
WHO: The Hartford Tea Party Patriots
WHAT: Second Annual Tax Day Tea Party
WHERE: Hartford State Capitol, North Steps
WHEN: Thursday, April 15, 2 PM to 4 PM
WHY: To Protest Big Government & To Support Freedom


Colleges Looking At No-Loan Financial Aid

Colleges may be seeing the handwriting on the chalkboard.

CNN Money reports:
Many colleges say they remain committed to fully funding students' financial need.

In fact, a group of schools is pledging to do it mostly through grants and work-study programs, and not with loans.

At least 50 colleges are planning to limit or remove loans from their financial aid packages, according to a report released by the Institute for College Access and Success. While 50 might not seem like a lot, their student bodies represent 8% of all four-year college students in the United States.

Schools are trying to getting away from loans in an effort to avoid saddling graduates with debt that could limit their career options and start them in a deep financial hole. So the fact that so many big schools are staying with the program is seen as good news by the institute.

That is really good news for students, and it is an indication that colleges are already seeing signs that students may be staying away because of the cost and the fear of enormous post-college debt.

However, this does make me wonder if these colleges are making up the difference with funding from somewhere else... and where exactly is that somewhere else? More research is needed to check out that aspect.

For a complete list of schools pledging to make "no-loan" or "limited-loan" financial aid packages, visit

And speaking of colleges, one school that I truly admire is Hillsdale College. Hillsdale College distinguishes itself from most other academic institutions by its rigorous, traditional core curriculum and its principled determination never to accept federal taxpayer funding.

Monday, April 12, 2010

33 States Have No More Money To Fund Unemployment

From CNN Money:

With unemployment still at a severe high, a majority of states have drained their jobless benefit funds, forcing them to borrow billions from the federal government to help out-of-work Americans.

A total of 33 states and the Virgin Islands have depleted their funds and borrowed more than $38.7 billion to provide a safety net, according to a report released Thursday by the National Employment Law Project. Four others are at the brink of insolvency ...

At the onset of the recession, only 19 states met the recommended funding level, which is one year of reserves equal to the highest amount of unemployment insurance paid out during prior recessions.

Interesting to note is that 9 out of the top 10 States that have borrowed the most money from the Feds are states that were carried by Obama and the Democrats in the last election! There are only 11 Republican controlled states which are on the list of 33, and only 1 is in the top 10. This may lead one to conclude that the Liberal policies regarding higher taxation and support (or lack thereof) for business creates the massive unemployment in these states, and the inability to support all those on the unemployment rolls stem from possible fund mis-management.

What is really scary is that not everyone who is unemployed is collecting unemployment. The unemployment numbers are MUCH MUCH bigger than what is being reported.

The reality is that our federal government is broke with zero reserves. We are $13 trillion dollars in debt! With States coming to the Feds hat in hand, it looks like the Feds will be up to even more borrowing or monetizing debt, leading the way to hyperinflation.

Arizona Tells Feds To Stuff Their Gun Regulations

Arizona joins the states of Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, Tennessee and Montana, and have told Washington to take a hike, with regard to federal gun legislation. Their legislatures have proposed, passed and their governors have signed a Firearms Freedom Act (FFA). Above is a map of the status of FFA legislation across the country.

Originally introduced and passed in Montana, the FFA declares that any firearms made and retained in-state are beyond the authority of Congress under its constitutional power to regulate commerce among the states. The FFA is primarily a Tenth Amendment challenge to the powers of Congress under the “commerce clause,” with firearms as the object. Obama's healthcare was another piece of legislation that Congress stretched into using that definition, and roughly 36 states are now challenging various aspects of the Constitutionality of that as well.

The Arizona gun legislation confronts the position taken by most members of Congress that the “Commerce Clause”, found in Article I, Section 8, paragraph 3 of the Constitution, gives them nearly unlimited power to regulate anything which even remotely affects interstate commerce. Either one of these bills challenge that claim, by exempting guns manufactured in Arizona from federal regulation, as long as they are stamped “Made in Arizona” and do not leave the state.

If there is no "interstate commerce" for the product then it should be exempt from federal law which is based on the "Commerce Clause".

On April 5th, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the two pro-gun rights bills that passed in the Arizona legislature.

HB 2307the “Firearms Freedom Act” – HB 2307 exempts from federal law or regulation firearms manufactured and sold within the borders of Arizona as long as they remain in Arizona. This follows suit of a handful of other states who have enacted similar legislation. HB 2307 is the latest in a multi-state challenge to federal authority to regulate firearms.

HB 2543 – Firearms Preemption. HB 2543 strengthens state firearms preemption laws, adds firearms storage and accessories to the list of things political subdivisions cannot regulate, and removes the prohibition on carrying a firearm in public parks without a concealed weapons (CCW) permit. So basically, “Preemption” – clarifies current state laws that restrict political subdivisions (IE City Councils) from enacting regulations that conflict with state law.

These laws will become effective 90 days after the current legislative session adjourns – sometime in late July or August.

From WND
A sixth state – Arizona – now has declared that guns made and kept inside its borders essentially are free from federal application, registration and ownership regulations in a surging movement among states that one supporter describes as a direct challenge to "a government monopoly on the supply of firearms."

Gov. Jan Brewer this week signed the state's version of a "Firearms Freedom Act," which originated in Montana and now has been adopted by six states, with several dozen more in various stages of their own plans.

Brewer issued a statement that the law is intended to give Washington the message that they should not try to "get between Arizonans and their constitutional rights."

Way to go Arizona! Now if you could only rid yourselves of Senator John McCain.
Vote for JD Hayworth! and if you don't live in Arizona please consider donating to his campaign.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

From My Cold Dead Hands


Saturday, April 10th
There will be a Second Amendment March on Saturday, April 10th from 1pm-4pm on the northern grounds of the State Capitol. This is an "empty holster" rally, please leave your guns at home. Miss Connecticut 2006 Heidi Voight has agreed to be a speaker at the Second Amendment March on Hartford, along with Scott Wilson of CCDL, Bob Crook of CT Coalition of Sportsmen, and Attorney Craig Fishbein, lawyer for Blue Trail Range. In the past, Heidi has lent her voice to numerous causes and groups including ending violence against women and children, American Legion Riders, United Way, and the Rotarians. As an avid hunter and holder of a CT Permit to Carry, Heidi wants to lend her star power to help protect the 2nd Amendment. She is a fantastic speaker and we look forward to hearing more from her at the march.
For more details, including a speaker's list, click here to check out the website. Come out and support 2nd amendment rights even if you don't own a firearm!

Friday, April 9, 2010

White House Considers National Sales Tax

The Value Added Tax - A VAT is a national sales tax that, like state and city sales taxes, would be collected by retailers.

"White House economic adviser Paul Volcker said yesterday the United States should consider imposing a "value added tax" similar to those charged in Europe to help get the deficit under control. "

"It shouldn't surprise anyone that the Obama White House would advocate a European-style tax to help finance their European-style government health-care plan," said Brian Walsh, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Well they have to figure out a way to pay for this unconstitutional Trillion Dollar health care system, and you guessed it - we are going to get hosed again.

I swear this administration is doing its level best to destroy what is left of this country.

VAT might be a good idea if they got rid of the income tax.... but that's not going to happen.
We are just going to be taxed into oblivion.

A modern day Paul Revere should ride out and proclaim - the looters are coming!

So....How's that Hope and Change working out for you?

I am telling you - it's time to GO GALT.

"Sell-Out Stupak" To Retire

Another One Bites The Dust

Here is the Yahoo News report

Rep. Bart Stupak, an anti-abortion Democrat targeted for defeat by tea party activists for his crucial role in securing House approval of the health care overhaul, said Friday he would retire from Congress this year.

The nine-term congressman told The Associated Press he could have won re-election and insisted he wasn't being chased from the race by the Tea Party Express, which is holding rallies this week in his northern Michigan district calling for his ouster. Instead, Stupak said he was tired after 18 years in office and wanted to spend more time with his family.

Yeah ... he wasn't scared of the Tea Party people or November elections ...
And he's got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn too!

Gadsden's Flying No Matter What

9 AM South Lawn State Capitol - Hartford - 04/09/10 -Friday.

Yup, we ARE GOING FORWARD with our flag raising. While the Capitol Police have rescinded their permission because one Progressive Liberal (State Rep. Michael Lawlor - East Haven) found Freedom and American patriotism controversial, we've decided to do it anyway.

Join us on the south lawn of the CT Capitol building as we raise the Gadsden flag ON OUR OWN FLAGPOLE!!!

Press conference to follow, as planned.


"Guess who hugged a Russian diplomat while they hoisted the RUSSIAN flag above the Connecticut State Capitol on March 31, 2010? Yup. Rep. Mike Lawlor. So just so we are clear on this, the Russian flag is ok, and a 200+ year old military flag symbolizing the American spirit is not? Pretty much says it all, don't you think?"
- Tanya Bachand

Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Americans Living Abroad Giving Up US Citizenship

From the Wall Street Journal:
More Americans Sever U.S. Ties as IRS Gets Tougher
The number of American citizens and green-card holders severing their ties with the U.S. soared in the latter part of 2009, amid looming U.S. tax increases and a more aggressive posture by the Internal Revenue Service toward Americans living overseas.

According to public records, just over 500 people world-wide renounced U.S. citizenship or permanent residency in the fourth quarter of 2009, the most recent period for which data are available. That is more people than have cut ties with the U.S. during all of 2007, and more than double the total expatriations in 2008.

An Ohio-born entrepreneur, now based in Switzerland, told Dow Jones he is considering turning in his U.S. passport. Mounting U.S. tax and reporting requirements are making potential business partners hesitate to do business with him, he said.

"I still do dearly love the U.S., and renouncing my citizenship is not something I take lightly. But more and more it is seeming like being part of a dysfunctional family," said the businessman, who asked that his name not be used for fear of retribution.

"The tax itself is only a small part of the issue," the Swiss-based entrepreneur said. "It's the overall regulatory environment.

"Fifteen or 20 years ago there was a big rush to make sure your kids became U.S. citizens, for access to U.S. schools for example," said Timothy Burns, a tax lawyer at Withers law firm in Hong Kong. "Now we're seeing just the opposite." "

Now that is really sad ....

Are The Gold Vaults Really Empty?

This article from Zerohedge is alarming, but not surprising really.

Unless you have physical gold (or silver) in your hands you could be getting swindled.
Unfortunately, it wouldn't be the first time investors would be screwed.
if this story is really true, then this makes Bernie Madoff look like a choir boy.

Zerohedge reports this:
Continuing on the trail of exposing what is rapidly becoming one of the largest frauds in commodity markets history is the most recent interview by Eric King with GATA's Adrian Douglas, Harvey Orgen (who recently testified before the CFTC hearing) and his son, Lenny, in which the two discuss their visit to the only bullion bank vault in Canada, that of ScotiaMocatta, located at 40 King Street West in Toronto, and find the vault is practically empty. This is a relevant segue to a class action lawsuit filed against Morgan Stanley, which was settled out of court, in which it was alleged that Morgan Stanley told clients it was selling them precious metals that they would own in full and that the company would store, yet even despite charging storage fees was not in actual possession of the bullion. It appears that this kind of lack of physical holdings by all who claim to have gold in storage, is pervasive as the actual gold globally is held primarily in paper or electronic form.

and as the article so simply states at the conclusion... "The game ends when the people who own all these paper obligations say enough and take physical delivery, and that's when the mess will occur.

.... when the realization that gold owned is just 1% of what is physically deliverable, you will see the biggest bank run in history.

Remember the game musical chairs - when the music stops and there are not enough chairs for all the people when the music stops?....

Meanwhile, these financial institutions/banks (like Morgan Stanley perhaps) are charging enormous storage and insurance fees for your "stored precious metals".

Link to the Eric King interview.

Related post.

Then there is this - and unfortunately GATA's Bill Murphy had only 5 minutes to summarize what he has been researching for years:

One commenter on this YouTube video wrote:
JP Morgan is being bankrolled by the Fed to keep fiat paper "alive" through the shorting of silver and gold, while the Fed prints its way out of this economic debacle caused by banks lending money to the indigent without financial portfolio to buy homes that went belly up and took the world with it. Its the fox guarding the henhouse. Naked shorting was banned, but not commodity futures. It's next. When that happens, it's gold to $3000, silver to $60.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Upcoming April Liberty Events In CT

Friday, April 9th
Gadsden Flag to honor the Connecticut Tea Party Patriots!
I am honored to announce that the Gadsden Flag, better known as the yellow "Don't Tread on Me!" flag will be raised above the Connecticut State Capitol Building in honor of the Connecticut Tea Party Patriots on Friday April 9th at 9am. There will be a flag raising ceremony at 9am on April 9th, followed by a short press conference where tea party candidates will announce they are running for office in 2010. The flag will remain raised above the Capitol Building until April 15th. Please join us at the flag raising ceremony on Friday April 9th at 9am on the South Lawn of the State Capitol Building in Hartford, CT

Saturday, April 10th
There will be a Second Amendment March on Saturday, April 10th from 1pm-4pm on the northern grounds of the State Capitol. This is an "empty holster" rally, please leave your guns at home. Miss Connecticut 2006 Heidi Voight has agreed to be a speaker at the Second Amendment March on Hartford, along with Scott Wilson of CCDL, Bob Crook of CT Coalition of Sportsmen, and Attorney Craig Fishbein, lawyer for Blue Trail Range. In the past, Heidi has lent her voice to numerous causes and groups including ending violence against women and children, American Legion Riders, United Way, and the Rotarians. As an avid hunter and holder of a CT Permit to Carry, Heidi wants to lend her star power to help protect the 2nd Amendment. She is a fantastic speaker and we look forward to hearing more from her at the march.
For more details, including a speaker's list, click here to check out the website. Come out and support 2nd amendment rights even if you don't own a firearm!

Tuesday, April 13th
Tanya Bachand, State Coordinator for the Connecticut Tea Party Patriots, will moderate a debate between the Republican candidates for Senate. Peter Schiff, Vinny Forras, and Rob Simmons will attend (an invitation was extended to Linda McMahon, who declined). Please join us for this truly grassroots event, where members of the audience get to ask the questions! Senate Candidate Debate, Tuesday, April 15th at the Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, CT 7pm-9pm. Click here for directions to Nonnewaug High School.

Wednesday, April 14th
Eastern Connecticut State University cordially invites you to a candidate meet and greet, where candidates for Governor, General Assembly, US Senate, Secretary of State and Attorney General will be to answer your questions. In the Johnson Room at ECSU, 3pm-5pm on April 14th. Click here for details.

Thursday, April 15th
Join MILLIONS of people around the country for the 2nd Annual TAX DAY TEA PARTY, Long Wharf Drive, New Haven, 12pm-2pm. Featuring "Candidate Alley" Click here for details!

and in Hartford:
TIME: 2 PM to 4 PM
PLACE: Hartford State Capitol, North Steps
MAP/PARKING: The Civic Center garage (#1 on the map) may be your best bet; there is also metered parking around Bushnell Park, but check the meters carefully and note the time limits.

Saturday, April 17th
Our third in a series, the Vinny Forras Question and Answer session! Just as we did for Rob Simmons and Peter Schiff, Vinny Forras will spend a grueling two hours with the tea party and answer your policy questions. No topic off limits. Come and decide if this is the candidate for you! Holiday Inn Express, Southington, 2pm-4pm. Click here for directions!


We invite you to come join us as we discover the Founders’ original success formula for freedom. Seating is limited, please RSVP as soon as possible. This is an all day event with fun and interactive instruction and is only $15 (lunch included). Families pay no more than $35. You will receive a free 135 page study guide and have the opportunity to purchase many different kinds of educational literature at huge discounted prices. Highlights include: 8:30am-11:30am - "Developing America's Great Success Formula", 12:00-12:45pm - Lunch break, 12:45pm-4:30pm - "The Perfect Plan of Liberty", Learn what it means to be a Republic.
TIME: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
PLACE: New Haven Sportsman’s Club, Rt. 77, 4158 Durham Road Guilford, CT 06437
CONTACT: MakingOfAmerica(at)gmail(dot)com

Monday, April 19th
Washington DC 2nd Amendment March
There will be a bus leaving from the West Lot of the park and ride in North Haven.
Route 40/Exit 10 ramp off 1-91
take exit 1 off Route 40
Turn Left at end of ramp.
The Park and Ride is on your left.

Leaving at 3;30 AM
Returning at 11:00 PM (same day)

Cost $40 per seat. Deadline April 10th for payment.
Contact Kevin Borgnis for details: kevin.borgnis(at)secondamendmentmarch(dot)com

Why CT Social Conservatives Should Vote For Peter Schiff

The Stamford Advocate's reporter Brian Lockhart wrote a piece about how Social Conservatives are torn between Rob Simmons and Linda McMahon. He neglected to mention Peter Schiff in his piece, which prompted me to write to both Mr. Lockhart and to Peter Schiff.

Afterwards Lockhart wrote a follow-up on his blog.
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Peter Schiff in an e-mail this afternoon rightly and politely took me to task for not including him in an article I wrote this past weekend about the state’s social conservatives.

Although there are a handful of Republicans in the race for the GOP Senate nomination, the contest is often framed – to the dismay of Schiff and his supporters – as being between McMahon and former U.S. Congressman Rob Simmons.

This is true.

More often than not, these journalists frame the discussion around McMahon and Simmons without even giving Schiff a mention. That isn't right. The readers deserve to hear from ALL candidates... even Vinny Forras.

But here is the core of the discussion.
Why should "Pro-Life", or as they are called Social Conservative, voters consider Peter Schiff? After all, isn't he also "Pro Choice"?

First of all it is worth mentioning that ALL major and well funded candidates for the CT Senate seat are Pro-Choice. It IS Connecticut after all. The thing is this; One might as well choose the person who has the right idea about where government should be in the issue, and Schiff believes the federal government should have no role in deciding, or funding, a woman's personal decisions regarding pregnancy.

Peter Schiff said it best in explaining why he is THE best candidate when it comes to being labeled as "Pro-Choice" (Here is an excerpt of Schiff's reply to the Advocate's journalist Brian Lockhart).
I am the most state’s rights advocate of all the candidates (though Vinnie may be with me on these issues as well, he lacks the funds or campaign infrastructure to mount a credible race). I oppose any federal restrictions on abortion, oppose any federal funding of abortion, and believe Roe VS. Wade to have been wrongly decided and would vote to nominate Federal Judges who want to overturn it. While I am personally opposed to partial birth abortions, this too is a state’s rights issue. I do not believe the Federal government has the constitutional authority to ban it, but I would like individual states to ban it, and feel that neither the Federal Government nor federal courts have the right to interfere.

Plus on all the other issues conservatives care about, I am far and away the best candidate in the race without any of Linda’s baggage. Perhaps one of the reasons conservatives are not considering me is that reporters constantly leave my name out of the mix when discussing the race. Conservatives reading your article would have no idea that I was even running and would falsely conclude that they had no a credible alternative to choosing between the lesser of two evils.

Peter D. Schiff, President
Euro Pacific Capital, Inc.

In a piece in the Greenwich Time, Schiff also said this:

... career politicians on both sides of the aisle don't have a clue when it comes to basic economic principles, compounding problems with artificial quick-fixes such as the Wall Street bailout and economic stimulus plan.

"I want to break that cycle in Washington of trading long-term pain for short-term gain," Schiff said.

... Schiff said that the government needs to stop meddling in the marketplace, whether it be passing health care expansion or guaranteeing student loans.

"If the government stopped guaranteeing student loans, tuition would plunge,"

Peter Schiff has got it right... and he IS Right for Connecticut.

Meet the Senate Candidates (except McMahon who declined to attend)
Nonnewaug High School auditorium, Woodbury CT, on Tuesday, April 13, from 7 PM to 9 PM