Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2nd Amendment March - A Photo Gallery

I hope you enjoy the photos that I took while at the 2nd Amendment March in Washington DC on 04/19/2010.

It was a wonderful crowd.
There were some great speeches.
It was a beautiful day.
This was attended by families and people of all ethnicities and backgrounds.

It was a peaceful rally - and No One had guns loaded or unloaded except DC Capitol Police and security. Many people had empty holsters or holsters that contained a copy of the Constitution.

We were treated to a flyover of helicopters which took photos of the crowd - courtesy of the US government, along with armed spotters atop one of the nearby buildings. Marine One flew over as well - so I suspect that the spotters were also a security measure for that event.

The event purposely coincided with historical date of the battle of Lexington and Concord. That is April 19th.
CNN however, and other anti-gun people insist on their fabrication that this was organized on this date specifically to commemorate a tragic event in recent history. That is patently false, and is meant solely to discredit these gun owners.

There were also a few "crashers" with questionable signs, just like those who appeared at last week's tea party events. I did not take pictures of those signs.
The opposition is doing what they can to demonize these gatherings and their supporters. It's not going to work, and we are not going away.

All I can say - is don't believe the garbage that you are being fed on cable and print news. Attend these events for yourself and speak to the participants. They are regular Americans who care deeply about the erosion of our Constitutional rights.