Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizona Anti-Illegal Immigration Legislation

Before you get your knickers in a twist over this piece of legislation enacted in Arizona - READ THE BILL.

Don't just rely on others to tell you what to think about it.

Arizona's got a very real problem with illegal immigration which has been brewing for a long time now - and the Federal government has done nothing to help them in protecting the border and fighting the resulting drug trade and crime. The Feds have done nothing to enforce Federal law. Arizona's new law allows for the enforcement of Federal law.

70% of the people in Arizona are just fed up with the crime and cost of illegal immigration.

Here is what one Senator has to say about this law:

While we don't want Nazi style "Show me your papers" legislation being enacted, this legislation actually only allows police officers to ask for proof of citizenship if a crime has been committed or for probable cause. It is NO different then existing Federal law! The issue is that the Feds have NOT been enforcing that immigration law, especially in border states. Arizonans feel that enough is enough and something has to be done, especially after the recent murder of an Arizona rancher. Arizona Legislators decided to take matters into their own hands.

Right or wrong legislation ... the riots will begin and this is going to get very very ugly very fast, especially if La Raza and Reconquista is involved (which they are). There have already been threats made and there will be mass demonstrations by pro-illegal immigration factions out West, and across the country. It's not like they haven't been waiting for this opportunity.

Opponents of this law will make this out to be racist and blah blah blah... the truth is this is about enforcing the law and protecting Arizona's citizens, many of which are also of Latin American decent and who are also very fed up with the crime and drugs and costs that they are burdened with as a result of illegal immigration.

Personally, I would rather see other means of combating illegal immigration, and that would be to get rid of the incentives that attract them to come here illegally in the first place, like all the free services they receive courtesy of the American taxpayer. State lawmakers need to end all forms of public assistance to illegal aliens, and they need to punish employers that hire illegal aliens illegally, and perhaps they need to honestly do something about addressing the lucrative illegal drug trade. Maybe it is time to legalize certain drugs, and tax them and make it less profitable for criminals to be involved in drug smuggling.

If people want to be here in this country - fine - but they have to be here legally like millions of other have done and continue to do.

Arizonans have had enough.
Unfortunately, this is going to start a significant revolution in this country, and it is one that our Federal government has allowed to foment due to their decades of inaction and indifference.

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