Thursday, April 1, 2010

Connecticut Majority

Here's a newly minted website just launched in Connecticut.

It's called Connecticut Majority.
Connecticut Majority is Connecticut's leading voice for limited, accountable, and transparent government. Through the dissemination of ideas, outreach, legislative advocacy, and community organizing, Connecticut Majority works for a freer and more prosperous state.

Give it a look see -

They even have a great link to Peter Schiff's response to government takeover of Student Loans.

COTG wishes the designers and editors lots of luck, and we hope to see lots of good writing.

1 comment:

Bob said...

Thanks Judy.

Let see if we both can get the citizens of Ct worked up enough to do something about the mess under the golden dome in Hartford.


It kills me, 9 billion in red ink fast approaching and the best they can do is talk about tolls?

This is fiscal mismanagement.

Time for them to go.