Friday, April 9, 2010

Gadsden's Flying No Matter What

9 AM South Lawn State Capitol - Hartford - 04/09/10 -Friday.

Yup, we ARE GOING FORWARD with our flag raising. While the Capitol Police have rescinded their permission because one Progressive Liberal (State Rep. Michael Lawlor - East Haven) found Freedom and American patriotism controversial, we've decided to do it anyway.

Join us on the south lawn of the CT Capitol building as we raise the Gadsden flag ON OUR OWN FLAGPOLE!!!

Press conference to follow, as planned.


"Guess who hugged a Russian diplomat while they hoisted the RUSSIAN flag above the Connecticut State Capitol on March 31, 2010? Yup. Rep. Mike Lawlor. So just so we are clear on this, the Russian flag is ok, and a 200+ year old military flag symbolizing the American spirit is not? Pretty much says it all, don't you think?"
- Tanya Bachand

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David Aron said...

Well, Mike Lawler is just being to true to the liberal form - whine and bitch, then exclude and censor those you don't like.

I should point out that it would have been quite ironic to fly the Gadsen flag, which in addition to being a 200-year-old military flag has also come to symbolize libertarianism and anti-statist sentiments, over the seat of the Connecticut state government.

The only flag appropriate to be flown over the state capitol is a pirate flag, bearing the motto "Lies, Theft and Violence."