Friday, April 30, 2010

I Think At Some Point You've Made Enough Money

What a Marxist hypocrite.
Really?  How much did Obama make on his book deals?
Plus he got at least a million from Goldman Sachs.
Did Obama "make enough money"?
Michelle and Barry are multi-millionaires.

Obama's salary as President is $400,000, plus a $50,000 tax free expense account, a $100,000 tax free travel account and a $19,000 tax free entertainment account. Meals for the President and his family and official state dinners are provided at taxpayer expense by White House Food Services. Travel for official purposes is also at taxpayer expense and is not counted as taxable income. All of this means that, for practical purposes, Obama has very few living expenses so it's reasonable to assume that nearly all of his $1,854,770 after tax salary added to his growing net worth.

The Running Tally of Obama's Net Worth as of December 10,2009

Barack Obama 2009 Net Worth:

Total Assets: $10,255,781
Total Liabilities $1,570,000

For 2 people who don't really produce anything of any value, I think they have made enough money.

Don't you?

Oh and as a very interesting aside:
Seven of the Obama campaign’s top 14 donors consisted of officers and employees of the same Wall Street firms Obama and his pals are charging with looting and deceiving the public, and who were busily originating and/or bundling questionable mortgages which contributed to the financial crisis that we are still enjoying.

Seven Wall Street firms in order of money given to the Obama campaign were Goldman Sachs, UBS AG, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. There was also a large hedge fund, Citadel Investment Group (a major source of fee income to Wall Street). Add the six large corporate law firms who are also registered lobbyists or do legal work for Wall Street and the cumulative total of these 14 contributors to the Obama campaign through February 1, 2008, was $2,872,128.